February, 10 2019

Dylan B

Leaked SEC Interview Indicates Potential Bitcoin ETF Release in Near Future

The interview, which was intended to be released on February 11th but was instead leaked to Twitter on February 5th, touched upon Jackson’s confidence and...

Bitcoin ETF SEC

February, 15 2019

Dylan B

The Blockchain Revolution Is Here… Are You Still Missing Out?

Technological Revolutions: The Past and the Present While the blockchain is certainly a disruptive piece of technology that is revolutionizing several...

Technological Revolutions security

February, 07 2019

Dylan B

Dorsey Makes Stance Known on Bitcoin in Recent Tweet

The tweet, which followed a recent interview that touched upon his belief in Bitcoin being the native currency of the internet, revealed that Bitcoin was his...

Twitter Jack Dorsey Lightning Network

February, 06 2019

Michael R.

Are Cryptocurrency Scams Discouraging Institutional Investors?

Debunking the Cryptocurrency Scams Myth There is no doubt that cryptocurrency scams are an issue. Cryptocurrency scams come in all forms from exchange owners...

Institutional Investors Adoption Cryptocurrency

February, 06 2019

Dylan B

Zuckerberg Onboards Crypto Startup for Secret Facebook Cryptocurrency Project

The blockchain startup is said to be Chainspace, which is a blockchain firm that was founded by University College London researches. It aims to be a planetary...

Facebook Blockchain Adoption

February, 04 2019

Dylan B

Bitcoin Enthusiast Likely to Be Trump’s Pick for World Bank President

To give a little bit of background on the candidate, El-Erian is a 60-year-old chief economic advisor for a European financial services company called Allianz...

Bitcoin World Bank El-Erian