January, 15 2020

R.R. Hauxley

Local.Bitcoin.Com, A Better P2P Exchange? Interview With Jason Sheman

The interview The exchange intrigued me so much that I contacted Bitcoin.com for an interview. Jason Sheman responded. Jason is the Product Manager of Media at...

Privacy Anonymity Bitcoin.com

November, 11 2019

R.R. Hauxley

European Union & Stablecoins: A New Relationship

Quick refresher: Libra is a proposed stablecoin being developed by several dozen titans of industry. The lead is being taken up by Facebook, which also owns...

Stablecoins European Union Regulation

October, 22 2019

R.R. Hauxley

Cryptocurrency to Compete With Central Banks Announced by Trump’s Former Fed Pick

The politician is Stephen Moore, a known and respected economist, and former campaign adviser. President Trump nominated Stephen Moore to join the Federal...

Stephen Moore Frax Stablecoin

October, 21 2019

Dylan B

Brave Announces Massive Increase in Active Monthly Users

On October 16th, the platform reached eight million active monthly users and an impressive 2.8 million daily users, many of which are joining their web...

Brave BAT Adoption

October, 18 2019

Dylan B

Libra’s New Council Comes to Light in Switzerland Meeting

The meeting came shortly after news that many of the 28 initial companies would be pulling their support from the project. PayPal was the first to leave, with...

Libra Association Stablecoin Spotify

September, 09 2019

Dylan B

Facebook’s Libra Spurs Chinese Innovation

Changchun Mu, who was previously the deputy director of the payments and settlement division for the People’s Bank of China, is now spearheading the Digital...

Libra Facebook China