May, 07 2019

R.R. Hauxley

Pepsi Blockchain Trail -- Success!

The trial was titled “Project Proton.” Its objective: to examine if blockchain could address “industry challenges” in a specific area called “programmatic...

Pepsi Zilliqa Future

March, 28 2019

R.R. Hauxley

Louis Vuitton & Christian Dior Get into Blockchain

Smart Money is quietly using blockchain Let me be clear, such a project takes time and skill to develop, especially since it cannot have any hacks or hiccups....

LVMH Consensys Microsoft

March, 12 2019

Dylan B

IBM’s Blockchain Based World Wire Service Expected to Be Utilized By 40 to 50 banks

Several banks have already expressed their interest and intent to use the service for their own banking operations and have also stated that they may be using...

IBM Stellar Wire Service

March, 10 2019

Dylan B

More Blockchain Jobs Found in U.S. Than Anywhere in the World

In order to create the report, The Next Web conducted extensive research using Glassdoor, a popular job and recruiting website. After searching through all job...

Jobs Future Adoption

March, 03 2019

R.R. Hauxley

KPMG: Tech Execs See the Future- It’s Blockchain

A survey was recently released. A big, meaningful one. It was released by KPMG, one of the top four auditor agencies in the world. They call it the Technology...

Singapore dollar Adoption Future

January, 13 2020

Michael R.

ELI5 Introduction to Blockchain in 2021

Introduction to Blockchain: Your 2-Minute Review Let’s begin your ELI5 blockchain guide with an analogy that will lay down the foundation. Our example will...

ELI5 Blockchain 101 decentralization