August, 08 2019

Dylan B

Corporate Interest in Crypto Grows As Walmart Seeks Crypto Patent

From Facebook’s Libra to Amazon’s new blockchain products, major entities are realizing that there is a need for digital currencies and an application for...

Walmart Cryptocurrencies Patent

July, 16 2019

Dylan B

Amazon Sets Its Sights on Centralized and Decentralized Blockchain Projects

Fortunately enough, the retail giant Amazon realizes the potential needs of all its customers and developed various offerings that would allow those on each...

Amazon decentralization AWS

June, 29 2019

Ilija M.

The Chinese Branch Of Walmart And VeChain Team Up On PwC Blockchain Safety Platform

On Tuesday, the Chinese branch of the company published a statement outlining how they’re going to join up with the blockchain project VeChain, PwC, and a few...

Walmart VeChain PwC

June, 12 2019

Dylan B

Target Quietly Makes Progress on Blockchain Supply Chain Project

According to external sources, the retailer had begun working on the project around the middle of 2018, a blockchain-powered solution for supply chain...

Target Supply Chain Hyperledger Grid

May, 30 2019

R.R. Hauxley

US Lawmakers Urge Trump Advisor Larry Kudlow: Adopt Blockchain!

A group of U.S. lawmakers from both sides of the fence (democrats and republicans) urged advisors to President Donald Trump: include blockchain as an emerging...

Regulations U.S.

May, 08 2019

Dylan B

Beyond Coffee: Starbucks to Utilize the Blockchain for Improved Transparency

Through harnessing the power of the Azure Blockchain Service by Microsoft, Starbucks can create a digital, instant record of all of their suppliers that can...

Startbucks Microsoft Azure Transparency