February, 15 2019

Dylan B

The Blockchain Revolution Is Here… Are You Still Missing Out?

Technological Revolutions: The Past and the Present While the blockchain is certainly a disruptive piece of technology that is revolutionizing several...

Technological Revolutions security

February, 06 2019

Michael R.

Are Cryptocurrency Scams Discouraging Institutional Investors?

Debunking the Cryptocurrency Scams Myth There is no doubt that cryptocurrency scams are an issue. Cryptocurrency scams come in all forms from exchange owners...

Institutional Investors Adoption Cryptocurrency

January, 16 2019

Michael R.

Top 3 Reasons Why Blockchain Adoption Saw 2x Growth in the IoT Industry (2018)

Nearly a quarter, 23 percent, of responding businesses believe that “blockchain technology would be an ideal solution.” Another astonishing figure is that 91...

IoT Gemalto Blockchain Security

January, 08 2019

Joel S.

The Future Will Not Be Centralized - Understanding Blockchain Storage

Impact of Blockchain on Digital Storage How familiar are you with Google Docs? What about Amazon Drive? Large tech companies have built empires on cloud-based...

Storage decentralization Altcoins

December, 20 2018

Michael R.

Ripple and Western Union: Will They Work Together?

Western Union recently released a video with President Odilon Almeida discussing the matter. Throughout the video, Almeida is cautious to speculate on the...

Western Union Ripple XRP

November, 30 2018

Michael R.

Sirin Labs Introduces Blockchain Phone

They plan to offer a decentralized applications (dApps) marketplace as well as a secondary 2-inch screen for users to securely store cryptocurrency in cold-...

Sirin Labs DApps Finney