November, 30 2018

Michael R.

Sirin Labs Introduces Blockchain Phone

They plan to offer a decentralized applications (dApps) marketplace as well as a secondary 2-inch screen for users to securely store cryptocurrency in cold-...

Sirin Labs DApps Finney

November, 22 2018

Michael R.

Cryptocurrencies Make Purchasing In-Game Items Easier

Recently, AppCoins, a blockchain based service enabling gamers to make in-app purchases has partnered with Unity. Ultimately, AppCoins allows for easy...

Gaming Cryptocurrency Adoption

November, 22 2018

Michael R.

Will There Be a Real Estate Cryptocurrency?

Will the Future of Real Estate be Disrupted by Cryptocurrencies? To be overly simple - yes - there will be real estate cryptocurrencies. One example is Propy...

Real Estate Cryptocurrency Adoption

November, 17 2018

Michael R.

Ethereum Price Prediction: Are You Bullish or Bearish?

This volatility has polarized the community causing some to feel very bearish and others to feel very bullish about its future. Ultimately, after we introduce...

Ethereum ICO DApps

November, 20 2018

Joel S.

What Blockchain 3.0 Means for Your Favorite Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain 3.0 Technology Explained by Solving Existing Problems What is blockchain 3.0? New technology aimed at bringing cryptocurrency into the mainstream....

blockchain 3.0 scalability consensus mechanisms

November, 07 2018

Joel S.

Companies Want Crypto Professionals – It’s Time to Take a Bitcoin Course!

Breaking Down Available Jobs Right Now Those in cryptocurrency love to theorize about future demand in the space. Don’t lose sight of the present, though;...

Education Cryptocurrency Jobs