February, 07 2019

Dylan B

Dorsey Makes Stance Known on Bitcoin in Recent Tweet

The tweet, which followed a recent interview that touched upon his belief in Bitcoin being the native currency of the internet, revealed that Bitcoin was his...

Twitter Jack Dorsey Lightning Network

February, 12 2019

Horace B.

Why Bitcoin Gambling Is Taking Over (Top 3 Reasons)

Bitcoin Gambling is faster, cheaper, and trustless. We would not be surprised if even the biggest gambling companies in the world are keeping an eye on the...

Gambling Future Cryptocurrency

February, 02 2019

Horace B.

Crypto Investment Becoming Popular With Institutional Investors (Good or Bad?)

Well, institutional investors have built up a reputation over time. Throughout the years, especially ten or twenty years ago, institutional investors had...

Institutional Investors Future Cryptocurrency

January, 19 2019

Kasi Bowen

3 Seemingly Unrelated Stories That Impact Cryptocurrencies

This means it’s generally a good idea to think broadly when analyzing cryptocurrency, and one interesting realization this leads to is that a lot of seemingly...

Cryptocurrencies Adoption Future

January, 28 2019

Michael R.

Cryptocurrency Education: Which Option is Best for You?

Do you know how to buy cryptocurrencies? Do you know how to send them? Do you know how to keep your funds safe? Do you know how to use cryptocurrency to profit...

Education Cryptocurrency Altcoins

January, 03 2019

Michael R.

Bitcoin's 10 Year Anniversary!

There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies, hundreds of exchanges, and billions of dollars invested in startups and ICOs. Some of the most notable competition...

Anniversary Genesis Block Satoshi Nakamoto