December, 03 2018

Horace B.

5 Must-Read Cryptocurrency Books for Investors

Entering a market without knowledge of its content, behavior, and the potential impact it may have on your financial and personal life would be rash, idiotic,...

Cryptocurrency Education Books

November, 17 2018

Joel S.

How To Learn Cryptocurrency. It's Not Hard, I Promise

Cryptocurrency is disrupting industries from payment transactions to supply chain management systems. Just a few years into crypto’s evolution, there is still...

Learning Cryptocurrency Blockchain

December, 13 2018

Horace B.

The Art of Trading vs How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

In this article, we’ll be covering the differences between trading and investing along with some traits the two actions have in common. Trading and investing...

Cryptocurrencies Altcoins Bitcoin

November, 13 2018

Michael R.

The Great Debate: Blockchain vs Tangle

What is the blockchain? Most of us understand the blockchain’s purpose and functions, so we will keep this brief. The blockchain is a cryptographically...

IOTA Tangle Blockchain

November, 06 2018

Michael R.

This Electric Bike Runs on the Bitcoin Lightning Network

Meet Matthias Steinig, a developer who is implementing the Lightning Network for his own projects. He has two main projects right now. One is an online store...

Lightning Network Future Adoption

November, 02 2018

Michael R.

Ron Paul Calls for Crypto Tax Exemption

In his blog post, “Trump is Right, Fed is Crazy,” the former U.S. representative acknowledged the fact that without government-backed currencies, people...

Cryptocurrencies Taxes Ron Paul