April, 20 2019

Dylan B

Novogratz and Others Becoming More Bullish With Bitcoin

This begs the question, why are investors like Novogratz continuing to invest their faith and money into the coin without hesitation?   The unwavering belief...

Michael Novogratz Galaxy Digital Blockchain

April, 22 2019

R.R. Hauxley

The Truth about Bitcoin’s Future

Bitcoin mining is a senseless waste of energy. As bitcoin hits mainstream media, the topic of bitcoin mining begins to be criticized, specifically regarding...

Charges Bubble Manipulation

March, 29 2019

R.R. Hauxley

Pro-Bitcoin Billionaire Peter Thiel Brings BTC to the Big Apple

New York City -- Home of Satoshi Street It’s good to be a Cryptomaniak. Over the years I’ve seen tremendous development in blockchain tech and adoption. That’s...

Peter Thiel Cryptocurrency New York

March, 22 2019

R.R. Hauxley

Where Can I Spend Bitcoin? The Ultimate List [2019]

Shop ‘til you drop! Purse.io For whatever you need. And I do mean whatever, check out Purse.io -- they help you buy anything you fancy when you want to spend...

Spend Online Gifts

March, 20 2019

R.R. Hauxley

Shop, shop, shop -- with Bitcoin in Switzerland

Playing It Safe The retail store is run by the Digitec Galaxus Group. They announced that both of their web platforms will accept payments in cryptocurrencies...

Switzerland Digitec Galaxus Coinify

March, 07 2019

R.R. Hauxley

$10,000/week of Bitcoin scooped up by Twitter CEO

This news is beyond bullish. It’s proof. This is hard evidence that elite thinkers, true movers, and shakers, are bullish on Bitcoin. These are the types of...

Twitter Jack Dorsey Bullish