Cryptocurrency Education: Which Option is Best for You?

Author: Michael R.
January 28, 2019
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Cryptocurrency education is in high demand because the required knowledge for responsible investing goes quite deep. Understanding how cryptocurrency works and using that understanding to your advantage requires practical and theoretical knowledge.

Cryptocurrency education is in high demand because the required knowledge for responsible investing goes quite deep. Understanding how cryptocurrency works and using that understanding to your advantage requires practical and theoretical knowledge.

Do you know how to buy cryptocurrencies? Do you know how to send them? Do you know how to keep your funds safe? Do you know how to use cryptocurrency to profit?

These are all questions that take lots of time to learn without the proper guidance.


Why is Cryptocurrency Education Important?

Being sure that you genuinely understand how cryptocurrency works and the risks associated with cryptocurrency is essential. Remember that with cryptocurrencies, there is no insurance. There is no bank to hold your funds, and no assistance if you send money to the wrong destination. With the added personal control and benefits of cryptocurrency, comes more responsibility. While learning about every technical detail that makes up cryptocurrencies is fascinating, there is a threshold where more technical knowledge will not help you profit from an investor’s standpoint. Cryptocurrency education focused on investing is especially useful for beginners.

In the end, we feel it is most important to simply get you set up on an exchange like Coinbase and ready to trade, with your funds' stored securely. Simply put, being successful in the crypto industry is not only about learning how cryptocurrency works - but also about learning how to use it and invest in it, if that’s what you intend to do.



The Best Educated Investors Win

The trading industry - including markets for stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and commodities - is often referred to as a zero-sum game. This is not always true; however, when someone profits on a trade, it is often at someone else’s expense. With the cryptocurrency market, especially, there is added risk. Many investors lose their funds not only from poor trades but also due to hacking attacks and lack of knowledge that leads to them storing their crypto unsafely. In short, these investors don’t understand how cryptocurrency works at a fundamental level. Yet another reason emphasizing the importance of quality cryptocurrency education.

Whether you are interested in crypto from an investing perspective or technical perspective, the first step is to learn about Bitcoin.


Learn about Bitcoin

If you don’t already know, Bitcoin  is known as the gateway to the crypto realm. It is the original cryptocurrency, most widely used, and is the primary currency used to trade against other cryptocurrencies.

For these reasons, your first step when exploring the cryptocurrency industry is to learn about Bitcoin. Once you learn about Bitcoin and how its blockchain works, you will have a decent conceptual understanding of the components that allow it to operate, such as the consensus algorithm, mining network, total number of coins that can exist, and other industry jargon that you probably have yet to explore. Ultimately, a basic understanding of these factors will help you make wiser investment decisions in the space.

Our course does not merely explain, “what is digital currency,” instead, we show you how to literally get started.

Your Options for Learning About Cryptocurrency and How Cryptocurrency Works

There are limited resources to learn about cryptocurrency since it’s still so new. Available courses include both free and paid choices. With that said, your primary options for learning how cryptocurrency works are:

  1. Endless Googling (free)
  2. Udemy courses (paid)
  3. Coursera courses (paid)
  4. Cryptomaniaks (paid)

1. Endless Googling

Google is obviously a great, free resource to learn about Bitcoin, various cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain - but there is no structure or checks on the accuracy of information. If you take your chances with Google, you will learn random snippets of facts. Without structure, though, you will feel as you are spinning your wheels in place for seeing any tangible results. The same goes for the information you read, the chances are that much of it is not written by experts, so you are digesting inaccurate information. You might end up wasting a lot of time and money relying solely on Google.

2. Udemy Courses. Are They Worth It?

Udemy is a course-hosting website. This means courses for all industries and topics are available. While a wide range of options offered by Udemy has decent reviews, we question Udemy’s due diligence process for adding courses. From our research, it seems that there is hardly any due diligence at all. Virtually anyone can create an account and upload a course.

As we scanned over the cryptocurrency education courses on Udemy, we noticed that many were out of date. For example, the “#1 course” has not been updated since 2017. In the ever-changing crypto sphere, a course from 2017 can only be considered way out of date. If you want to seriously learn cryptocurrency, then the course material must be current. Additionally, most courses offered by Udemy focus on ‘coin picks’ that are arguably backed by people with poor intentions. Some of these courses focus strictly on technology. Ultimately, we were disappointed to see the lack of practical investing course options.

3. Coursera. Is It Any Better?

Coursera is admittedly a step up from Udemy. Coursera only accepted courses from institutions, primarily universities. This means the information offered by Coursera is at least coming from vetted professionals. While this is good, we feel that the customer service may be lacking as Coursera is much more of a franchise type of business, aiming for mass offerings of courses, rather than targeted, specific niches. Coursera also lacks quality options for practical cryptocurrency education. Instead, they focus on the blockchain technology, theory, and the law behind it. Coursera is probably not your best option for learning how to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Why is Cryptomaniaks the Best Option for Cryptocurrency Education?

Above all else, at CryptoManiaks, we are here for cryptocurrency investors and cryptocurrency investors only. We know who we want to help and we believe our course is the best there is...even if we are a bit biased... Our course does not merely explain, “what is digital currency,” instead, we show you how to literally get started.

If you are thinking of becoming a blockchain professional, or if you want to learn more about its technical aspects, we suggest you check out our partner Blockgeeks (use our exclusive coupon codes CryptoManiaksPRO and CryptoManiaksACC for 20% discounts on their premium products). They offer the best resources available online for this purpose and have already trained an incredible number of blockchain professionals.

If you want to learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and get invested today, then we are the best bet.

What We Offer

Our premier cryptocurrency education course covers:

  • How to buy and sell any cryptocurrency you want
  • Best practices for securing your cryptocurrencies
  • Best wallets for storing your cryptocurrencies
  • Most trusted exchanges to trade with
  • How to transfer cryptocurrencies between various wallets and exchanges
  • Best practices for password management
  • 100% money back guarantee!

We offer text, image, and video explanations that take you through each part of the process, step by step. We consciously make an effort to maintain a brief overview of any technical information, while staying focused on the practical usage of the technology.

Our price point is similar to that of Udemy and Coursera, except we are a focused cryptocurrency company, not a general course website. This means that we do not only offer a cryptocurrency education course, but also a dedicated community for you to join as you grow in the crypto world. Oh! We also offer a 100% money back guarantee, for any reason.

Check out our start investing guide to get started! We look forward to getting to know you and profiting together.

Posted by Michael R.

Michael is an entrepreneur who has been deeply involved in the cryptocurrency industry since early 2014. He joined Cryptomaniaks as a cryptoanalyst, helping to create accurate and digestible content.


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