December, 14 2018

Ilija R

Revolutions Don’t Happen Overnight: Mike Novogratz bets on Bitcoin

  What is Bitcoin to Novogratz? As many news outlets have reported, Novogratz says that he believes Bitcoin is going to be digital gold at some point. He also...

Bitcoin Investing Mike Novogratz

December, 09 2018

Michael R.

Will Facebook Build the "Most Used Product in Crypto"?

Facebook has been hiring for blockchain engineers for a while now, but there is no clearly defined goal or purpose for the hires, as far as anyone knows.  ...

Blockchain Facebook Adoption

December, 07 2018


Where Are Cryptocurrencies in the World of Overseas Money Transfers?

The international remittance industry is rife with competition for a simple reason – there’s a lot at stake. Consider this – over U.S. $570 billion was sent by...

Ripple Remittance Future

December, 03 2018

Horace B.

5 Must-Read Cryptocurrency Books for Investors

Entering a market without knowledge of its content, behavior, and the potential impact it may have on your financial and personal life would be rash, idiotic,...

Cryptocurrency Education Books

November, 22 2018

Michael R.

Will There Be a Real Estate Cryptocurrency?

Will the Future of Real Estate be Disrupted by Cryptocurrencies? To be overly simple - yes - there will be real estate cryptocurrencies. One example is Propy...

Real Estate Cryptocurrency Adoption

July, 12 2018

Michael R.

Will we soon have one world currency?

Why do People See Bitcoin as a one world currency? Naturally, many people believe that Bitcoin is destined to be the one world currency because it is the...

Bitcoin Altcoins Investing