June, 22 2019

CryptoManiaks Editorial Team

Beginner’s Introduction to Forecasting Crypto Price Trends

Forecasting, simply explained First, it’s vital to understand what trading cryptocurrencies entails, as there are many parts to it, with forecasting price...

Forecasting Price Trends Sentiment

April, 22 2019

R.R. Hauxley

The Truth about Bitcoin’s Future

Bitcoin mining is a senseless waste of energy. As bitcoin hits mainstream media, the topic of bitcoin mining begins to be criticized, specifically regarding...

Charges Bubble Manipulation

March, 14 2019

R.R. Hauxley

New York Times will Publish on the Blockchain

Here’s the source of the news: Take particular note of the following phrase: Whoever is hired “will codify the vision for the research project and share that...

NYT Publishing Blockchain

February, 22 2019

CryptoManiaks Editorial Team

Hardware Wallets: The Safest Way To Store Your Private Keys

Not your keys, not your cryptocurrencies The most common way to acquire cryptocurrencies is to buy them on an exchange. Leaving them on the exchange means that...

Hardware Wallets security Trezor

February, 20 2019

Michael R.

ELI5 Blockchain: Introduction to Blockchain

Introduction to Blockchain: Your 2-Minute Review Let’s begin your ELI5 blockchain guide with an analogy that will lay down the foundation. Our example will...

ELI5 Blockchain 101 decentralization

February, 10 2019

Dylan B

Leaked SEC Interview Indicates Potential Bitcoin ETF Release in Near Future

The interview, which was intended to be released on February 11th but was instead leaked to Twitter on February 5th, touched upon Jackson’s confidence and...

Bitcoin ETF SEC