January, 10 2020


Is Myetherwallet Safe in 2021?

MyEtherWallet, a brief history. Ethereum differentiates itself from Bitcoin in quite a significant way: it allows for the creation of “smart contracts.”...

Indian rupee security Ethereum

January, 30 2020


The 5 Best Ethereum Sports Betting Sites For Punters in 2021

What Are The 5 Best Ethereum Sports Betting Sites? Some of the very best Ethereum sports betting sites in 2021, based on current trends and offers, are Stake...

Brazilian real New Taiwan dollar Danish krone

August, 09 2019


Coinbase to Add 8 New Altcoins

Well, the official blog reports exploration into the addition of Algorand, Cosmos, Dash, Decred, Matic, Harmony, Ontology, and Waves.  Will these coins see a...

Coinbase Cosmos Dash

May, 29 2019


What Future For Ethereum? Is It Dead, Or Will It Recover? [2021]

Ethereum Was a Bubble Ethereum was for sure a bubble that popped. Its growth in 2017 and 2018 crash can be easily explained by economic factors. Simple supply...

Future Hong Kong dollar Bearish

January, 22 2019

Horace B.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency: Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency Wages

Pros of Cryptocurrency as Wages Buying items with cryptocurrency as a consumer is one thing, but how about getting paid with it? Receiving your weekly or...

Cryptocurrency Wages Adoption

December, 31 2018

Joel S.

2018 Cryptocurrency Wrap Up: Our Top 5 Favorite Projects

2018 Is Good News For The Cryptocurrency Industry Many investors fear the bear market. Those focused too heavily on trading have fled the scene as 2018 saw...

Cryptocurrency 2018 Best Projects