December, 18 2020

Paulo Oliveria

Coinloan Review [2023]

Key Takeaways I understand you may not have enough time to read my full Coinloan review. So here is an actionable summary to help you make a decision. My...

Coinloan review review of Coinloan

February, 22 2020


A New Central Bank Digital Currency for Sweden in the Works

China isn’t the only country going cashless and monitoring the financial transactions of its citizens. Sweden is hard at work doing the same thing. And it’s no...

Sweden CBDC E-Krona

January, 15 2020


Local.Bitcoin.Com, A Better P2P Exchange? Interview With Jason Sheman

The interview The exchange intrigued me so much that I contacted for an interview. Jason Sheman responded. Jason is the Product Manager of Media at...

Privacy Anonymity

November, 21 2019

R.R.H. Review - Is BetOnline Legit & Safe in 2023?

BetOnline Prohibited Countries You don’t want to read my full review if you’re not allowed to play on BetOnline. So, let’s start with the...

Brazilian real New Taiwan dollar Danish krone

September, 26 2019

Dylan B

Crypto Rewards on Everyday Purchases Enters the Fold

The Fold app is a desktop app (with a mobile app said to launch next month) that utilizes the Bitcoin-lightning network and allows users to receive Bitcoin...

Starbucks Bitcoin Rewards Fold app

September, 21 2019

Paulo Oliveria

Why So Few Money Transfer Websites Integrate Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain and money transfer companies Many will see it as a missed opportunity, but money transfer companies tend to see the volatility as too much of a...

Remittance Money Transfer Banks