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Horace is a versatile individual, wearing the hats of a skilled writer and innovative entrepreneur. His words carry the weight of insight, as he delves into various topics with precision and eloquence. As an entrepreneur, Horace has successfully navigated the dynamic business landscape, showcasing his ability to turn ideas into profitable ventures. His unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking sets him apart in both the writing and entrepreneurial spheres.


Start-ups, Business economics, Crypto investing

Fun Facts About

  • Fun Fact #1: Horace is an accomplished amateur astronomer, often spending nights observing celestial phenomena and capturing them through his telescope
  • Fun Fact #2: He enjoys competitive chess, where his strategic thinking and foresight are put to the test
  • Fun Fact #3: Horace has a deep appreciation for vintage motorcycles, with a collection that spans various eras and models
  • Fun Fact #4: He is an avid traveler, seeking out off-the-beaten-path destinations to immerse himself in diverse cultures and gain fresh perspectives


  • Editor since: 2017
  • Total Posts:
  • Languages: English , Italian, Spanish

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