Top 5 Cryptocurrency Christmas Gifts Ideas for 2024

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Last updated Jan 14, 2024 | 03:56 PM UTC

If only there was an app that can tell us exactly what to get our friends and family for Christmas. Unfortunately, there is no magical app yet, but we are here to take its place. The current market conditions in the cryptocurrency sector provide the best opportunity we have seen in a long time to get friends and family involved in the cryptocurrency market. Buy low, sell high is the motto for all investing. In this article, we will suggest our top five crypto-related Christmas gift ideas for 2024.

Get them a book to show you care about their future and genuinely find this topic interesting.

Be on the better side of this dilemma, prices are low, now is most likely a good time to get in.

Crypto Christmas Gifts to Save You this Holiday

Not only will our crypto Christmas gift ideas for 2024 save you from all guilt of missing Christmas, but your friends and family will thank you in the future. With prices down, your dollar value will go further whether you get them cryptocurrencies directly, or even a t-shirt to pique their interest.

Here are our five recommendations to save you this holiday season:

  1. Bitcoin gift cards
  2. Get them Bitcoin
  3. Mastering Bitcoin Book
  4. Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet
  5. Crypto t-shirts and apparel

1. Bitcoin Gift Cards

If you have Bitcoin, then you can use it to purchase gift cards at most of the major retailers. If you have a friend who loves shopping at Best Buy or Addidas, the chances are you can get them a gift card. Click here to buy gift cards for your friends and family from eGifter. They have over 250 retailers to choose from such as Macy’s, Uber, Target, Nike, or even a Bitcoin gift card to Walmart. You also earn points on their site by using Bitcoin!

2. Get Your Friends Bitcoin

This is my personal favorite on the list. Get your friends and family Bitcoin - this way they won’t yell at you next holiday season. Prices are low and now seems to be a good time to be in. We recommend clicking on this link to set your friend or family up on Coinbase with some fresh Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

3. Bitcoin Books

Bitcoin is a tricky topic, and most people learn better from reading on their own. Explaining it verbally can turn into a nightmare. You can spend hours explaining it, but it will only get so far. Get them a book to show you care about their future and genuinely find this topic interesting. It shows that you know their personality, and in the future, maybe they will get you a lambo for learning and investing. The famous Andreas Antonopoulos wrote a great book - “Mastering Bitcoin” - that is highly recommended. The book discusses the basics of the technology, how to set up a wallet, and ultimately teaches the reader what the heck they are investing in. Click here to check it out!

4. Bitcoin Wallets

If you have friends or family that already have Bitcoin, then get them a crypto hardware wallet. Crypto hardware wallets store a user’s cryptocurrency offline, disconnected from the internet. This means that hackers cannot attempt to compromise a user’s funds and their coins are as safe as can be. We highly recommend the Ledger Nano S, which you can get by clicking here. Many of our team members here at Cryptomaniaks use the Ledger Nano S and we recommend it not just for its security, but also for its user experience and ease of use.

5. Crypto Clothes

Clothes, or as the kids call it nowadays “swag,” is a classic gift. The cryptocurrency industry is filled with memes, slogans, and brands which anyone can wear to represent their coin of choice. Check out Cryptofits for men and women clothes and accessors - get anything from t-shirts, hats, bags, socks, and more.   

Which Clothes Are the Best?

Glad you are comfortable consulting with us! If you have a mother or girlfriend who is always cold, no matter how hot it actually is, then we recommend going with sweaters or socks. This way, when they are in times of need, they will know crypto is always there to save them! Additionally, if your girlfriend is always buying a bigger and bigger pocketbook, just get her a crypto bag. A crypto bag can symbolize the heavy bags she will one-day HODL!

Imagine If You Don’t Get a Crypto Gift…

While these might seem like simple suggestions, and you say “yeah yeah I’ll get a gift card for my mom,” we all know that things are easier said than done. Before closing out of this article go, click on a link we supplied and get your mom, dad, brother, sister, or friend a gift all while sharing the crypto love. Your friends and family will be equally as disappointed that you didn’t get them invested in crypto now, as much as some are angry at their peers for getting them to buy at $20k! Be on the better side of this dilemma, prices are low, now is most likely a good time to get in. Of course, always do your own research.

Let’s summarize our top picks once more:

  1. Bitcoin gift cards - get them a gift card to Best Buy. Personally, it’s one of my favorite stores and you can’t go wrong. If not, they have hundreds of other options
  2. Get them Bitcoin - set them up on Coinbase. Oh, and if they invest more than $100, you get a free $10 worth of Bitcoin.
  3. Mastering Bitcoin Book - knowledge is the best gift and Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the most well-respected mentors in the cryptocurrency industry. You can’t go wrong with this one.
  4. Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet - don’t recommend the wrong wallet. Get them the Ledger Nano S crypto hardware wallet to show that you are looking out for their protection.
  5. Crypto t-shirts and apparel - everyone likes free clothes. Get them t-shirts, hats, or socks to be sure they are comfortable all year round.

Wait...I Don’t Have Bitcoin…

*facepalm* To take advantage of this list, having Bitcoin would be ideal. We recommend starting with Coinbase. Coinbase is legally compliant in US, UK, Canada and more. From there you can get the gifts we recommended - we find many of these suggestions to be more thoughtful than simple cash, makeup or jewelry, which you get every..single...year for your family and friends.

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