Which American Entertainer Is Now An Ethereum Coder?

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Eddie Mitchell

Cryptocurrency Writer

When we spotted LMFAO member RedFoo at the Australian Open tennis quarter-final match today, 24 January, the beat of Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO immediately sprang to mind upon seeing his iconic hair and white frame shades combo.

But did you know he’s also an avid coder on Ethereum?

LMFAO Redfoo who is now an Ethereum coder

RedFoo, pictured above in a rare appearance at today's quarter-final in Melbourne, became a household name as one half of the LMFAO duo. So it may surprise you that the everyday shuffler has become an Ethereum coder.

Yes, we’re for real. More so than that, he’s seemingly been at it for years.

Everyday I’m Coding

If you browse his Twitter feed, you can see RedFoo had been posting tennis and crypto-related stuff as early as 2017.

Redfoo tweet

His endorsements at the time came with some scrutiny from Twitter users who warned him to stay away from the “garbage that is run by Goldman Sachs”, with some even questioning if he’d been paid off by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

But no, in January 2018, the LA-born RedFoo responded to a tweet from Adam Spencer, who was wondering what he’d been up to, to which RedFoo responded, “Coding!”

Redfood tweet

In an ask-me-anything (AMA) session hosted by TokenStars in 2018, 48-year-old RedFoo responded to a question regarding how he got into crypto, to which he described how people around him were discussing Ethereum and blockchain technology, prompting him to want to look into it more.

He added: “So I started working on Ethereum, which I love. I love the concept, and I built one app already, which I’m still perfecting, but the demo works. I just love the smart contracts, and the blockhain, and IPFS. If you look at Redfoo.com, it’s on IPFS. I built that.”

As recently as 2022, the artist was also the host of FooHack, an event that saw DeFi platform Radix partner with RedFoo to send four crypto developers to RedFoo’s Party Rock Mansion in California to code alongside him.

Redfoo Radix tweet
Legendary musician or not, it's always handy to have a back-up career for a rainy day...