Immutable Set To Launch zkEVM Mainnet: Details

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Last updated Mar 05, 2024 | 10:25 AM UTC

Leading Web3 gaming and non-fungible token (NFT) firm Immutable is set to roll out the zkEVM Mainnet in the coming days. Here’s the latest rundown of what that means. 

Immutable zkEVM

The Immutable zkEVM is a version that has been customized for gaming and game developers. As it’s built on Polygon, it already possesses massive scaling capabilities, and this latest development could see Immutable solidified as the go-to blockchain for gaming.

Immutable zkEVM
In short, a zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM, is a popular scaling solution that allows for compatibility with the Ethereum network as well as being able to tap into its numerous benefits such as security and smart contracts. 

Web3 gaming evolves

As noted in a a blog post from December 2023, Immutable outlined that current blockchain architecture isn’t up to scratch when it comes to speed, transaction costs, high-latency, and so on. Furthermore, it’s of utmost importance that games and their developers can scale without losing security and stability.

The desire for a frictionless, accessible, speedy experience isn’t just for the gamers, it’s for the developers too, who are of course the target audience for Immutable zkEVM. 

It’s a chain designed to decrease development costs, and establish enhanced game mechanics such as “staking, crafting, upgrading, and incorporating NFTs that can equip other NFTs”. This also includes interoperability with other games or platforms on Ethereum, bringing in even greater potential for ecosystem and economy scaling.

Who are Immutable?

Immutable is a Sydney-based company dedicated to fostering Web3 gaming across every step of the journey. This includes providing tools and resources to fund, research, develop, market, and launch your project, as well as offer an amazing suite of technologies to get you on your way.

In 2021, the firm launched its Layer-2 ImmutableX (IMX) platform which is essentially NFT infrastructure for Web3 gaming developers that focuses on speed, carbon neutrality, and low/zero gas fees.

Their success can’t be understated. As per a recent Tweet from the firm, there are 200+ games building in the Immutable system, which they note has drawn in over $1billion in funding.

Immutable tweet

In recent years, games being developed on Immutable have received some form of support or financial backing from major industry players such as tech giant Google, as well as the world-famous game developer and publisher, Square Enix, who are responsible for franchises such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

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