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Do you know the best Crypto Exchanges in 2022?

You have many options to choose from, but selecting the top crypto exchange may take time.

You may not know this, but our team has tested countless exchanges, and they have a lot of important information that will help you in your search.

You won’t waste your time by reading our guides; instead, you’ll find the most trusted and respected exchanges.

In our guides, you will also find the following:

  • An overview of the best crypto exchanges for trading

  • Hints on how to select the best exchanges

  • Leading crypto options to use

  • Other important details you need to know.

Don’t hesitate; you can start trading on exchange sites quickly.

Best Sites

How to select Bitcoin Exchanges

Locating the best crypto exchanges is essential if you want to make the most out of your trading experience.

Before choosing the best exchange site for your needs, you must know its features and qualities.

There are many considerations to find the best Bitcoin exchange, but your personal preferences must come first.

Have a look at the features below and find the best Bitcoin exchange for you.

What coins are available on the Exchange?

When you get started with buying on exchange sites you will find different coins in the market.

The top Bitcoin exchanges support multiple coins, allowing users to pick the ones they prefer.

That’s why it’s important to know the number of available coins on exchanges and whether the most popular options are offered.

It’s disappointing to sign up for your preferred exchange, only to learn later that it doesn’t accept your favorite coin.

The bigger the better rule isn’t always so; you may discover that average exchanges provide a better selection of coins.

Finding Bitcoin exchanges is not difficult, but smaller coins are not so widespread.

You will need to look deeper to find more trusted exchange sites if you want more options.

What security features do Crypto Exchanges provide?

One of the biggest concerns for users on crypto exchanges is security.

You should stay away from exchange sites that don’t have good security features.

Exchange sites that lack proper security features pose a risk to your money.

Moreover, your personal data can be abused.

You will usually find two types of security measures – KYC and 2FA.

It is also essential to know whether the exchange site complies with the rules of CFT.

Let’s look at more details about each of the procedures:

What is Know Your Customer (KYC)?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a security standard available on the top Bitcoin exchanges.

With this standard, Bitcoin exchanges must authenticate customers’ data, such as the source of funds, age, identity, and address.

KYC is part of the Anti Money Laundering policies designed to make it harder to conceal illegal profits.

KYC is also a good measure to prevent minors and addicts from signing up for crypto exchanges.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is another step to ensure safety on exchange sites.

You are required to confirm your identity with this extra step when you log in to your account.

For example, you can be asked to enter a code sent to your smartphone, answer security questions, etc.

Another function of 2FA is to keep your account safe in case of a compromised password.

With 2FA, your password is no longer enough to get access to your account on exchanges.

Have you heard of Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT)

Combating the Financing of Terrorism, or CFT is a set of rules utilized by authorities to halt funding of activities that encourage the realization of goals by using violence.

These procedures allow law enforcement bodies to track and prevent terrorist activities.

CFT rules include measures for detecting and blocking movement and money laundering aimed at financing terrorists.

Does the Crypto Exchange have a license?

To conduct their businesses, exchange sites should have a license from reputable authorities.

A license ensures that your money will remain safe each time you trade crypto.

Take a look at the rules for crypto exchanges to obtain a license in the USA, the UK, and Canada.

Getting a license in the USA

In the United States, for example, a license is required for every state in which exchanges want to conduct business.

The US government supervises money movement thanks to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

For this reason, crypto exchanges can operate only if they conform to the Bank Secrecy Act.

The Federal Government awards licenses exclusively to crypto exchanges that are registered in the United States.

In addition, crypto exchanges can seek a license in different states, but each one has its own specific licensing requirements.

A license will only be granted if Bitcoin exchanges fulfill the Federal guidelines regarding CFT, AML, and KYC.

Obtaining a license in Canada and the UK

In Canada, the rules are pretty similar to those in the USA.

Crypto exchanges have to register as money services businesses in the country.

Moreover, they must register with FinTRAC, the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada.

Bitcoin exchanges offering their services in the United Kingdom must conform to AML regulations.

The registration is completed with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Right to access Crypto Exchange

Apart from checking the license, you also need to know whether you are allowed to sign up on the crypto exchange.

Even today many countries set restrictions on exchanges you can join and register with.

It is likely that crypto exchanges that don’t support users from your country will not let you register.

Getting to know which exchange sites approve customers from your region is key to enjoying your buying experience.

That’s why we keep encouraging customers to read the terms and conditions before completing the signup process with any Bitcoin exchange.

Are there any educational resources on the Bitcoin Exchange?

Beginners in the crypto buying world appreciate user-friendly exchange sites with educational resources.

This can include different podcasts, video material, and guides.

By taking advantage of these resources, you can learn how to buy crypto and have the best experience.

Customer guides

Crypto guides are the most frequent educational resources you will find.

You can check them to learn more about current and new projects that you may be able to get involved in.

Many Bitcoin exchanges present their guides in alphabetical order, allowing users to find what they are looking for.

Sometimes, you have to log in to be able to access such guides.

Moreover, some crypto exchanges have a university section, with all important information for both newcomers and expert customers.

Video resources

If you prefer video resources, the good news is that many Bitcoin exchanges have them.

They usually include both basic and expert stories about crypto and its features.

Moreover, videos are easy to follow, so you can learn everything you need in just a few minutes.

More importantly, they are recorded by experts on crypto exchanges, so you can always expect reliable information.


Another good way to learn more about crypto is by checking podcasts.

By listening to them, you will learn more about experts in the crypto industry and stay informed.

Some Bitcoin exchanges frequently update podcast sections, but most focus on written tutorials and tips.

Podcasts are usually longer than videos, so make sure you have enough time to listen to them.

What products are offered on Bitcoin Exchanges?

Apart from a chance to trade cryptocurrency, you will probably look for other options on exchanges.

You can engage in trading and staking activities.

If you can take part in more complex buying activities, this is even more important.

Using exchange sites with robust features is a good idea because you will appreciate doing many things in the same place.

But you will certainly want to try several crypto exchanges to get the best cryptocurrency experience.

How much are the fees on Bitcoin Exchange?

When you buy on exchange sites, you don’t want to throw away money.

For this reason, knowing the fees on crypto exchanges and comparing them is wise.

Fees are typically lower than 1% per transfer and could be less if you buy more.

It’s important to know the withdrawal fees on exchange sites, as many set unreasonably high fees for cashing out.

Deposit fees are also critical to know, as no one wants to pay more for buying crypto.

The best tip is to avoid exchanges with costly fees or that don’t disclose their fees.

What payment methods are accepted on Crypto Exchange?

You should also pay attention to the selection of payment methods when choosing the best Bitcoin exchange.

You will find that some exchange sites offer a number of payment methods.

In fact, they typically accept some of the safest loading options such as e-wallets, credit and debit cards, and bank transfers.

You should also be aware of withdrawal methods and look for variety.

Knowing the pros and cons of every deposit method is key before choosing the best Bitcoin exchange.

You don’t only need to know the supported cryptos; you should also be aware of the deposit and withdrawal limits.

The best crypto exchanges may not have deposit limits, but they will usually determine a maximum amount of withdrawal over a certain time.

Learning about these limits from the start will eliminate unpleasant surprises later on.

Is the trading volume good on Crypto Exchanges?

Trading volume on exchanges is as important as the number of coins.

A selection of coins isn’t important if there is a modest trading volume.

For that reason, it’s best to stick with the Bitcoin exchanges with high liquidity and volume, which allows you to turn cash into coins instantly.

Higher is always better when you look at trading volume.

To get a sufficient trading volume, exchange sites must have many users with huge amounts of assets that trade them regularly.

You should choose reputable Bitcoin exchanges, as they are more trustworthy than newer exchange sites.

Can you count on good customer support on Crypto Exchanges?

While trading crypto, you can easily encounter problems.

Therefore, you should stick to Bitcoin exchanges that offer reliable support and instant-time responses.

You should have the option to contact customer support via multiple channels, such as email, phone, or live chat.

If users are satisfied with reply time and the quality of customer support, this makes the exchange site a good choice.

You can also take a look at the following:

  • Is support available all the time (24/7) or only during a specific timeframe?

  • Can you submit a ticket through an online portal?

  • Is there a support section with frequently asked questions on the exchange?

  • Is there an automated reply or an actual person behind the support?

Are your funds insured on Bitcoin Exchanges?

When you choose crypto exchanges, you want to feel safe and protected.

Most crypto exchanges will keep customers’ safety on a high level, insuring a part or all funds they have.

Knowing that your money is insured is important, especially if you don’t like entrusting your cash to unfamiliar companies.

Customers are protected from losses if anything bad happens on crypto exchanges with insurance.

Many crypto exchanges ally with intermediary insurance firms, while others use the self-insurance system.

Insurance policies vary depending on the exchange site, so research is very important.

Is everything transparent on the Crypto Exchange?

Transparency is another key feature of crypto exchange.

If it’s easy to find important information, such as fees, licenses, security level, and more, you can be assured that you’ve found a transparent exchange site.

In addition, a transparent exchange site should offer information about its owner, members of the team, and headquarters.

The inability to find such details is a red flag and a reason to avoid trading there.

What is the level of user experience on the Crypto Exchange?

If you plan to use Bitcoin exchanges, you want a pleasant experience.

Make sure you know how user experience is rated if you want to sign up.

Trading from mobile should be as convenient as the desktop experience.

Additionally, you want to know if the exchange site has an intuitive interface and modern touch.

Getting lost in details is a bad sign for users.

An unpleasant user experience is another reason to search for alternative exchange sites that have superior features.

Beginners in crypto buying will want to stick with easy and comprehensive exchange sites.

If you’re new, you don’t want to be troubled by complex graphs, charts, and other unnecessary information.

You will find crypto exchanges with basic and advanced modes, with a chance to switch from one to another.

However, you can still find crypto exchanges that are specifically created for beginners who have just embarked on the buying world.

Is the Bitcoin Exchange reputable?

Before registering with a exchange, you want to hear opinions from other users.

If you find many positive comments about a specific exchange, that’s another reason to check it out.

Also, it would be useful to know how long the crypto exchange has operated in the market.

Bitcoin exchanges that have offered services for years are more trustworthy when buying crypto.

You should also check the registered address of the crypto exchange to be sure it really exists.

You can also check trusted crypto forums to get more details about the exchange site, ask your friends, or search for information online.

Crypto exchanges that haven’t been involved in big scandals or misleading actions are good to go.

If you are unsure how to do this background check, don’t pressure yourself!

Our dedicated team is here to inform you about the most trusted Bitcoin exchanges in the market.

Do you still wonder how to select the best Bitcoin Exchanges

Discovering a valuable crypto exchange can be difficult.

It is wise to check many factors before signing up and completing the first transaction.

Even if you have a solid first impression, you have to buy crypto for some time before seeing the results.

As soon as you locate a reliable exchange site, you’ll be glad you put the effort into finding the right one.

Your Trusted Guide to Bitcoin and its Operation

Crypto is a widely supported digital currency and medium of exchange.

It is a decentralized and online payment method used to purchase and sell things.

Transactions are simple and comfortable and third parties are not involved.

The creator of crypto is believed to be Satoshi Nakamoto who pushed the invention of a payment method based on cryptography.

Users can see every cryptocurrency transaction as it remains on the public ledger.

Bitcoin has advanced in the blockchain industry ever since its creation in 2009.

With a supply limited to 19 million, more and more people are interested in obtaining some coins.

Once you feel ready to buy cryptocurrency, be sure you purchase it on the best exchange sites.

Before you select a certain Bitcoin exchange, you want to know its reputation and qualities.

Operation of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is built on a blockchain, a digital record that includes each transaction.

From the blockchain network, people can see every transfer, its date, time, value, buyer, seller, and particular code.

Everything that is written in the digital chain is also presented in chronological order.

Upon the addition of every block, all interested users are able to see it.

As a fully decentralized solution, blockchain is not under anyone’s control.

Even if it is not owned by anyone, people can access, update, or contribute to it.

Availability is something that maintains the security of Bitcoin on the top level.

Each block has to be approved by other Bitcoin holders before it has been added to the chain.

Moreover, all codes utilized to distinguish users’ wallets and transactions need to comply with encryption patterns.

Blockchain codes include long strings, so it’s almost impossible to build them fraudulently.

Each Bitcoin transaction is secure and trustworthy because of statistical randomness, particularly when you buy on crypto exchanges.

Cryptocurrency mining rules

Bitcoin mining can be explained as a process of inserting new transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain.

The process consists of solving complicated puzzles and confirming each transaction.

To make this work, miners have to use computers together with a proof of work algorithm.

At the same time, miners are enticed to solve complicated puzzles with appropriate rewards.

This means they will get rewards for each block they add to the blockchain.

When it was first introduced, the mining process was not so complicated, but it has now become a real challenge.

It has become very hard to solve mathematical puzzles and the whole process requires a lot of computing power.

In addition, crypto mining seeks powerful computers and low-cost electricity.

However, rewards are modest and the process is uneconomical.

Crypto pros

You will find many reasons why to use Bitcoin

You may look for anonymity while others would stick with decentralized exchange sites.

It would be beneficial to check the following Bitcoin features and see which matters to you.


Crypto is not supervised by state authorities or monetary institutions.

They don’t have access to your funds so you are better able to keep them.

Its price isn’t affected by government decisions and policies.

The absence of third parties in cryptocurrency transactions results in higher credibility of the system.

Anonymous transactions

Each time you make a transaction with cryptocurrency, it is identified by certain codes with several public keys.

All transfers are untraceable and the initial user is unknown.

Blockchain technology keeps you safe from any fraud, so you can feel secure.

You are the only person who knows the number of coins you have.

Unbeatable security

When you make Bitcoin transactions, they remain on the public ledger (blockchain) which ensures the safety of the process.

This prevents the removal of transactions and intrusions from hackers.

What differentiates BTC from fiat currencies is that you cannot create counterfeit coins.

Bitcoin disadvantages

In spite of the numerous benefits, Bitcoin has some clear drawbacks.

It’s a good idea to understand them before you begin any trading activity.

Volatility level

BTC price is prone to regular changes, putting holders in an unfavorable position.

Sometimes it can spike to extreme values, but it can also crash to all-time lows.

Bitcoin is not a perfect option for people looking for stability in their financial decisions.

You put your money at risk when you decide to buy cryptocurrency.

A restricted amount of coins

When crypto was established, a maximum supply of 19 million coins was determined.

Because of incredible popularity, a restricted supply has turned into a big issue.

Because of this cap, the money supply cannot increase, which would be useful in the case of an economic recession.

A restricted supply also means that cryptocurrency doesn’t provide much-needed flexibility to the market.

Irreversible transactions

With each Bitcoin transaction you make, you should stay vigilant.

Cryptocurrency transfers are irretrievable and cannot nullify them, even if you sent money to a mistaken recipient.

The same happens if sending the wrong sum of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin isn't flawless, although it has tremendous potential

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency with great potential and opportunities.

It facilitates online transactions, making them safer, and more economical.

Still, it has obvious defects that may affect your trading experience.

That’s why you should always be aware of both sides of crypto before making any trading decision.

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