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Cryptocurrencies have opened up exciting opportunities for investors. Crypto.com is one platform that takes this to the next level. 

In this guide, I'll delve into Crypto.com's interest rates and how they can help you maximize your crypto holdings.

DisclaimerThe information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial, investment, or legal advice. Cryptocurrency investments are volatile and high-risk in nature. Consult with a qualified financial advisor and/or tax professional before making any investment decisions. We are not responsible for any loss incurred due to the use of information on this website. Do your own research and exercise caution. Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.

Crypto.com Interest Rate


Coin None 5,000 CRO 10,000 CRO 50,000 CRO 100,000 CRO 500,000 CRO 1,000,000 CRO 5,000,000 CRO 50,000,000 CRO
0.06% / 21.9% 0.054% / 19.7% 0.051% / 18.6% 0.043% / 15.7% 0.036% / 13.1% 0.029% / 10.6% 0.022% / 8.0% 0.015% / 5.5% 0.008% / 2.9%
USD Bundle, USDT,
0.06% / 21.9% 0.055% / 20.1% 0.052% / 19.0% 0.045% / 16.4% 0.039% / 14.2% 0.034% / 12.4% 0.029% / 10.6% 0.024% / 8.8% 0.02% / 7.3%
0.08% / 29.2% 0.075% / 27.4% 0.07% / 25.6% 0.06% / 21.9% 0.05% / 18.3% 0.04% / 14.6% 0.03% / 11.0% 0.02% / 7.3% 0.01% / 3.7%

Crypto.com interest rates for available coins


Key Takeaways


  • Explore diverse interest rates for passive income and portfolio growth
  • Choose from savings accounts, fixed-term investments, and lending platforms
  • Stake CRO tokens for reduced fees and an annual percentage rate (APR) of up to 8%
  • Be aware of crypto market volatility and potential lock-in periods for some savings products
  • Assess risk tolerance, minimum deposit amounts, and limitations on annual interest rates
  • Register, purchase cryptocurrency, deposit funds, choose a savings product


What Are Crypto.com Interest Rates?

Interest rates in the world of crypto work much like traditional interest rates for fiat currencies. 

But with a unique twist. 

On Crypto.com, you can earn interest on your digital assets. It makes your money work for you. 

This means that as you hold your crypto in your Crypto.com account, you have the potential to earn returns on it.

Pros and Cons of Crypto.com Interest Rates and Savings

Crypto.com offers a range of interest rates and savings options for crypto enthusiasts. Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons:

Pros and Cons of Crypto.com Interests
Pros Cons
Crypto.com provides a diverse array of cryptocurrency savings accounts Crypto.com's interest rates may seem relatively low if the user does not stake CRO
Compared to other platforms, Crypto.com offers high interest rates for users with substantial savings accounts Crypto.com retains the right to liquidate 100% of the loan collateral 
Crypto.com includes robust wallet administration tools. Crypto.com's lending services are not accessible in certain regions, including Hong Kong, Malta, Switzerland, and several U.S. states.
Crypto.com offers a loyalty program that can boost interest rates for users who stake CRO tokens.  There's dependency on the platform's stability for uninterrupted interest earnings
There are daily interest payouts for regular and frequent access to earnings Centralized platform nature
There are flexible interest-earning terms to suit users' preferences  


How Do crypto.com Interest Rates Work

Interest rates on Crypto.com function as a means for users to earn passive income. They can earn on their cryptocurrency holdings. Here's how they work:

Depositing cryptocurrencies

Users can deposit a variety of cryptocurrencies into their Crypto.com account. Then they can participate in the interest rate programs. Supported cryptocurrencies include [list the supported cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

By holding their digital assets in their Crypto.com account, users have the potential to earn over time. The interest is accrued based on:

  • the deposited cryptocurrencies 
  • their respective interest rates. 

Crypto.com offers a diverse range of cryptocurrencies that can be lent out. It offers competitive interest rates for various cryptocurrenci  

  • BTC: 1.50%
  • ETH: 2.00% 
  • USDT: 6.50%
  • DAI: 6.50% 

Crypto.com provides users with a clear set of loan limits to ensure transparency. Here are the specifics on the minimum and maximum loan limits:

The minimum borrowing amount for each standard loan is 100 USD equivalent at the time of borrowing.

Various crypto assets can be borrowed, and the minimum borrowing amount for these assets is 100 USD equivalent. Supported assets include:

Supported Assets

The maximum borrowing limit applies per loan, and it varies based on the type of account.

  • For retail users: The maximum borrowing limit per loan is USD 5 million equivalent
  • For institutions (including those with lending pro): The maximum borrowing limit per loan is also USD 5 million equivalent


Types of crypto.com Interest Rate Products

Crypto.com offers a diverse range of interest rate products to cater to various investment preferences.

Lending Platforms

Crypto.com provides a lending platform where users can lend their crypto assets to earn interest. This platform allows you to put your cryptocurrency holdings to work. It helps in generating passive income over time. Users can choose from a variety of supported cryptocurrencies and enjoy competitive interest.

Borrowing and Earning Interest

This feature offers a two-in-one solution. Users can borrow funds using their cryptocurrency holdings as collateral. They can simultaneously earn interest on those holdings. It provides flexibility for those who want to access liquidity without selling their crypto assets.

Savings Accounts

Crypto.com's savings accounts allow users to deposit their crypto and earn interest. These accounts are akin to traditional savings accounts. But with the added benefit of higher interest rates. 

Fixed-Term Investments

Crypto.com offers fixed-term investments. Suitable for users seeking a more structured approach to crypto savings. This product allows you to lock in your crypto for a specific period. Usually with higher interest rates than standard savings accounts. It's a way to commit to a savings strategy with a predetermined outcome.

Earn Programs

Crypto.com offers earn programs that enable users to participate in various promotions to earn rewards and bonuses. These programs can include special interest rate boosts, referral rewards, and more. This makes it a valuable addition for users looking to maximize their earnings.

Flexible Savings

Flexible savings on Crypto.com provides users with the freedom to deposit and withdraw their crypto assets at any time. It's a more fluid option for those who want to maintain access to their assets. Plus, users would still benefit from competitive interest rates.

DeFi Staking

Crypto.com allows users to participate in decentralized finance (DeFi) staking. This feature lets you stake your crypto assets to support DeFi projects and, in return, earn rewards and interest. It's a way to engage with the DeFi ecosystem while earning passive income.

Interest Rates: In-depth overview

Crypto.com offers a unique fee structure that rewards active traders and CRO token stakers with reduced fees. Here's how it works:

The more you trade over a 30-day period, the higher your discount on trading fees. The discounts are based on your 30-day trading volume, as shown in the table below:
30-Day Trading Volume:

Amount Maker Fees Taker Fees
$0 to $250,000 0.075% 0.075%
$250,000 to $1,000,000 0.070% 0.070%
$1,000,000 to $5,000,000 0.065% 0.065%
$5,000,000 to $10,000,000 0.060% 0.065%
$10,000,000 and above 0.00% 0.050%

Trading volume discounts

By staking CRO tokens on the Crypto.com exchange, users can further reduce their trading fees. Stakers receive a rebate in the form of a percentage of their fee paid in CRO tokens. This provides additional cost savings and rewards for CRO token holders.

Stakers also benefit from an annual percentage rate (APR) of up to 8% interest, which is paid daily. This adds an extra layer of financial incentive for those who choose to stake CRO tokens on the platform.

Crypto.com’s Earn program gives users the ability to earn income directly from their crypto. Investors can receive up to 12.5% annual percentage yield (APY) by staking their crypto on the Crypto.com platform. Users can earn up to 4% on their staked Ethereum (ETH). 

Benefits of crypto.com Interest Rates

Crypto.com's interest rates offer various advantages for users seeking to grow their crypto holdings:

  • Passive income: Users can earn passive income on their crypto holdings. Potentially outperforming traditional bank savings accounts. It's a way to make your assets work for you without active trading
  • Portfolio diversification: The platform provides an opportunity to diversify crypto portfolios. By earning interest on a range of cryptocurrencies, users can spread their risk. Do so across different assets, enhancing portfolio stability
  • Flexibility: Crypto.com caters to a wide range of investment strategies. It offers both short-term and long-term savings options. It allows users to tailor their approach to their specific financial goals and risk tolerance
  • High rates: Cryptocurrency interest rates on the platform often outshine others. This means users have the potential to earn higher interest on their crypto holdings


Risks to Understand

While there are many benefits to earning interest in crypto, it's important to be aware of potential risks:

  • Cryptocurrency volatility: Prices of cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile. This volatility can impact the overall returns on interest-earning accounts. Users should be prepared for market fluctuations
  • Lock-in periods: Some savings products, known as Locked Savings, have fixed terms. Users cannot access their funds until the term expires. It's important to consider your liquidity needs before opting for locked products
  • Market risk: Interest rates are influenced by market conditions. That can change over time. Users should be prepared for fluctuations in interest rates based on market dynamics


Factors to Consider

When utilizing Crypto.com's interest rates to grow your crypto holdings, several critical factors come into play. Here's an overview of these considerations:

Risk Tolerance and Asset Allocation Strategy

Risk tolerance is a crucial aspect of any investment decision. It's essential to assess how comfortable you are with potential fluctuations in crypto. 

A higher risk tolerance might lead to a more aggressive investment approach. A lower risk tolerance could favor a conservative strategy.

Developing an asset allocation strategy helps diversify your crypto holdings. It spreads risk across different cryptocurrencies. Diversification can help mitigate the impact of market volatility on your portfolio.

Minimum Deposit Amounts for Fixed-Term Deals

Crypto.com offers fixed-term deposit options with specific minimum deposit requirements. It's important to be aware of these minimum amounts, which can vary depending on the cryptocurrency you choose.

These fixed-term deals typically have varying interest rates. It is based on the term length and the deposited cryptocurrency. Users should consider these factors when deciding on their investment.

Limitations on Annual Interest Rates Depending on Contract Type

Interest rates for crypto savings products can be subject to limitations. They can vary depending on the type of contract you choose. It's vital to understand how these rates are determined and any associated restrictions.

Factors that influence interest rates may include market conditions or promotional interest rates.  There are also specific terms for the savings product. Considering these factors will help you make informed decisions when using Crypto.com's interest rates. 

How to Get Started With Crypto.com

Starting your journey with Crypto.com is a user-friendly process. It puts the world of crypto interest rates and savings products at your fingertips. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth look at the step-by-step process.

Register and verify your account

To kickstart your Crypto.com experience, begin by registering for an account on its secure platform. The registration process is straightforward but crucial. It ensures the highest level of security and regulatory compliance.

Purchase cryptocurrency

Once your Crypto.com account is verified, you can dive right in. Here, you have the flexibility to purchase a wide variety of digital assets. This includes the ever-popular Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many more.

Deposit your preferred crypto

With your chosen cryptocurrencies in hand, the next step is to deposit them. You can put them into your Crypto.com wallet. These digital assets form the foundation of your interest-earning savings products.

Choose the type of savings product

Crypto.com offers an impressive array of savings products. Each has its unique interest rates and terms. You have the freedom to explore these options, selecting the one that aligns perfectly with your financial objectives. Whether you opt for flexible savings or prefer fixed-term deals, the choice is yours.

Deposit your funds accordingly

Depending on your chosen savings product, you'll need to deposit your funds. Do it as per the specific product's requirements. Review minimum deposit thresholds and any associated terms and conditions.

Final Word

Crypto.com emerges as a gateway to diverse crypto interest-earning opportunities. Its flexible savings and fixed-term deals cater to varying investment strategies. Users have the potential to garner passive income that outpaces traditional savings accounts.

It's vital to remember that the crypto market's inherent volatility can impact returns. Savvy users navigate this terrain with strategic decisions. They factor in their risk tolerance and a well-thought-out asset allocation strategy.

Luckily, Crypto.com has a user-centric approach. It invites a broad audience to explore the realm of crypto interest rates. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current interest rate offered by Crypto.com?

The current interest rate offered by Crypto.com is 7.5% per annum. This rate is applicable to all major cryptocurrencies supported by the platform, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. 

Do different cryptocurrencies have different interest rates on Crypto.com?

Yes, different cryptocurrencies do have varying interest rates on Crypto.com. This is because the interest rates are determined by a combination of factors such as the overall market demand for a particular cryptocurrency, its liquidity, and the platform's risk assessment.

Can I earn interest on any cryptocurrency on Crypto.com?

Crypto.com offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies on which you can earn interest. Its innovative Earn feature allows users to deposit their digital assets and earn attractive interest rates. 

Are there any fees associated with earning interest on Crypto.com?

Yes, there are fees associated with earning interest on Crypto.com. The platform operates on a tiered fee structure, where the fee percentage is determined by the amount of interest earned. For example, for interest earnings up to $1,000, the fee percentage is 2%. 

Can I compound my earned interest on Crypto.com?

Crypto.com offers a unique feature that allows users to compound their earned interest. With Crypto.com's advanced compounding algorithm, you can rest assured that your interest will be automatically reinvested at the most favorable rates, ensuring continuous growth of your portfolio.

How can I withdraw interest earnings from Crypto.com?

Log in to your Crypto.com account, go to "Earn," select the specific cryptocurrency, click "Withdraw," enter the amount, choose withdrawal method (e.g., bank transfer), confirm, and await the funds. Note that withdrawal fees may apply depending on the method and cryptocurrency.

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