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It’s time for us to reveal the efforts of our team by outlining the Binance Coin video poker sites that impressed us the most in 2023.

We believe this information will prove crucial to people seeking a reliable video poker website, particularly given the incredible number of sites out there.

That being said, we understand your desire to immediately learn about the top 10 Binance Coin video poker sites for 2023.

Without wasting any more time, we’ll show you our list:

Best Sites



Casino Rating 9.20
Available in
Available in United States
50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000

BetOnline is an online casino with higher than average betting limits. It offers sports betting, poker, casino, esports, and lots of bonuses throughout the year.

BetOnline Homepage

General Information

Year founded: 
Binance Coin
Bitcoin Cash
USD Coin
Panama Gaming Commission


BetOnline does not offer anonymity. You must provide your country, postal code and phone number just to open an account. 


BetOnline has a fair reputation depending on who you ask. They offer a wide variety of betting options but there are also many complaints against them.

Play on BetOnline

7Bit Casino

Casino Rating 8.92
Available in
Available in United States
100% bonus up to $100 or 1.5 BTC, and 100 free spins

7Bit Casino is an online casino that accepts various cryptocurrencies as well as credit cards. They offer a wide selection of over 6000 games.

General Information


7Bit Casino says they offer anonymous play. However, they also say they may require approved identification for withdrawals, so it is unclear if there is real anonymous play or not.


7Bit Casino has a very good reputation and they resolve all of their complaints quickly. They also offer a wide variant of deposit options, making it one of the more rare casinos that accept Dogecoin

Pros and Cons

Play on 7Bit Casino


Casino Rating 8.46
Available in
Available in United States
Various promotions available; see site for details.

BC.Game is an exceptionally designed casino with awesome promotions and 50 cryptocurrencies to deposit! From a chance to win 1 Bitcoin to a VIP system with exotic vacations, there’s always a promotion to play for!

General Information


You can remain anonymous to create an account and deposit crypto, but BC.Game may require KYC when you withdraw your funds.


BC.Game has a stellar reputation, with few complaints received. With a license from Malta Gaming Authority and many ways to contact the company, your crypto will be safe with them.

Pros and Cons

Play on BC.Game


Casino Rating 9.63
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
Exclusive 10% Lifetime Rakeback using code MANIAKS

Stake is a popular option for betting crypto on sports and casino games for many reasons, including their neat user interface, and the variety of sports/games they offer.
While they do not offer a welcome bonus, they are one of the best crypto gambling sites around in terms of VIP perks, cashback, and bonuses. Screenshot

General Information


Stake doesn't require much information when registering. To complete your first deposit, you will be required to complete KYC level 1, which means you will have to share basic information such as name, DOB and residential address. This information can be changed later down the route.

Like most of its competitors, for regulatory reasons, Stake reserves the right to ask for further KYC documentation to confirm your identity and location. However, Stake is known to be privacy-friendly, and most players won't ever need to complete this step.


Stake offers and recommends activating 2FA (2-factor Authentication), which continues to establish itself as the new normal for a secure log-in method.

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States


Casino Rating 9.10
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
100% Welcome Bonus up to 5BTC

Cloudbet is a sports-focused gambling site that also offers casino games. The site offers a wide selection of games and sports to bet on. 

General Information


Cloudbet offers anonymous play. The site is also very secure with SSL and two-factor authentication.


Cloudbet has received some complaints about slow payouts and poor service. Most of the complaints they have received were quickly resolved. 

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States


Casino Rating 8.93
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
20% Cashback up to 10,000 USDT

Bitcasino is an online casino and sportsbook platform. Founded in 2014, the brand stands out with innovative features and accepts crypto deposits. 

General Information


Bitcasino doesn't offer anonymous gambling, and players are required to input their age before registration.


Bitcasino has a good reputation in the market and players can find many positive comments on the site and its features.

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States

Casino Rating 8.92
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
up to 1 BTC + 100 Free Spins
Description: is a relatively new brand established in 2021. It features casino products and accepts players from many countries worldwide.

General Information

Anonymity allows anonymous gambling without leaving personal details.

Reputation has a solid reputation, a license from Curacao, and modest security features.

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States


Casino Rating 8.89
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
100% up to 200 EUR

Thunderpick is a very robust casino and sportsbook offering end-to-end crypto gambling. This review details everything you need to know about Thunderpick. 

General Information


Thunderpick does allow you to generate anonymous accounts. They only require you to sign up with an email and verify your age as being over 18 years old. You also have the option of signing up with your Google, Twitch, or Steam account.


The background of the management company, Paloma Media B.V., is unclear but there were also no credible complaints of the platform. This is often more important in online gambling than knowing the background of the management. 

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States

Here’s Why You Should Choose Binance Coin on Video Poker Sites

You might want to try BNB video poker sites but remain curious about whether you should register.

After all, the whole crypto market remains a mystery to many people despite being exposed to a relatively large audience.

In our experience, most people who play with BNB on video poker sites have no interest in returning to fiat websites.

Why? Keep reading to find out!

Fiat’s value continues to decline annually

Fiat money is legal tender backed by the government that issues it.

Its value is determined by various factors, including interest rates, money supply, and economic supply and demand.

Examples of well-known fiat currencies include the U.S. Dollar and the Euro.

Fiat money is always at risk of hyperinflation, a scenario where an economy suffers huge price increases in a short period.

When the Federal Bank of St. Louis took a close look at inflation recently, it discovered something concerning.

In 2021, the bank gave the dollar a value of 37; bad news compared to the value of 100 the same entity gave the currency in 1983.

Basically, your purchasing power today is about one-third of what it was about 40 years ago.

The increase in earning power has been nowhere near as high as inflation during this period.

Remarkably, the average annual wage raise has been less than 1% since 1979, a long way below the inflation level.

As a consequence, persisting with fiat currency makes you poorer.

Why do we keep using fiat?

Fiat currencies ensure governments retain control of their respective economies.

Banks also love fiat because they have immense power over its usage too.

We now know that only an elite few will ever benefit from fiat, so it is surely time to switch to BNB and get away from a currency that’s only dragging us down.

Cryptocurrency supporters will tell you that digital coins help protect your money from inflation, thus ensuring your purchasing power isn’t negatively affected.


Anyone who has ever tried putting money into a video poker platform account knows it is often a struggle.

Realistically, you can’t use your debit/credit card or deposit via a bank transfer.

Why? Because banks don’t like ‘gamblers’ and make life extremely hard for anyone who uses a video poker site.

Indeed, getting a loan is virtually impossible once a bank statement reveals activity on a video poker site.

Using one of these sites is usually enough to see your mortgage application denied, for example.

This scenario will occur even if you rarely play.

Binance Coin changes the game because it keeps banks in the dark.

There is no third-party involved in cryptocurrency, so there is no easily accessible record of your transactions.

In other words, when you deposit Binance Coin on video poker websites, your bank will never know.

These transactions remain off your bank statement, and you can do whatever you like with your money.

Crypto is capable of rapid price rises

Historically, Binance Coin is subject to substantial peaks and dips, and its trajectory is often unpredictable.

However, it seems apparent that crypto has immense growth potential in the long term.

Even though the market cap of all cryptocurrencies has burst through the $1 trillion mark, this figure represents only a tiny fraction of what it could achieve.

With worldwide wealth estimated at over $430 trillion as per Forbes, BNB is likely only in its infancy as far as value is concerned.

Compare this to fiat, which seems as if it is on a death spiral.

By using Binance Coin on video poker sites, you could see an increase in the value of your account, regardless of how often you use it.

Financial independence

Not only does BNB act as a hedge against inflation, but it also keeps control of your money firmly in your hands.

With no bank interference, things suddenly get a whole lot easier.

Crypto is no longer an outsider

When the cryptocurrency market was developing, most people knew about Bitcoin and nothing else.

However, times have changed, with dozens of other digital currencies now grabbing headlines.

Now that crypto is firmly in the mainstream, people realize its versatility and know it has many uses outside of online playing.

A growing number of countries are embracing crypto and permitting its use, even though it still isn’t classified as legal tender.

One exception is El Salvador, which adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in September 2021.

Realistically, other nations will follow, with Paraguay and Panama likely candidates.

The crypto shield

With BNB, you have the freedom to deposit and withdraw on video poker sites as you please.

Sadly, this isn’t always the case with fiat and video poker companies.

A prime example is a regulation adopted by the United Kingdom in April 2020 that caused major issues due to a lack of public knowledge about it.

They used credit cards to make their first deposits on video poker sites, only to find their bank accounts were frozen.

Furthermore, it took weeks for banks to remove the restrictions in some cases.

In the end, customers were told that there would be consequences if they looked to make additional deposits.

With BNB, you don’t have to worry about this scenario when using a reputable video poker site with Binance Coin.

Get past geographical restrictions

In certain countries, it is illegal to place any kind of bet.

You have no chance of getting involved in the action if you try to use a traditional video poker site.

This is because your use of fiat currency is easy to detect.

However, if you pay for a reputable Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can register on Binance Coin video poker sites and avoid being caught.

VPNs create a private network connection, ensuring users can browse online privately.

You can further shield your activities by using Binance Coin on video poker sites.

Ultimately, you can adopt the strategy outlined above to play on sites no matter what the laws state in your country.

In some cases, end-to-end Binance Coin video poker companies even accept users from nations where playing with fiat or digital currency is prohibited.


The content we’ve written above is for informative purposes only.

We will never be proponents of illegal activity, and advise you to avoid breaking the law.

If you get caught, the punishment could be severe.

For instance, in Cambodia, illegal gambling could result in a prison sentence.

Also, Binance Coin video poker sites that allow people to register from countries where playing is prohibited are hardly reputable!

If they find out where you live, take your funds and close your account, you’ll have to accept it.

Ultimately, if you attempt to bypass gambling restrictions, you do so at your own risk, and we accept NO liability.

You have been warned!


A few traditional sites permit you to use Binance Coin.

Don’t be fooled! These sites still have the same problems with restrictive withdrawal limits and sluggish transaction speeds.

You often deal with old-fashioned design, poor value bonuses, and dreadful customer service.

If you’re looking for a modern-day experience, Binance Coin video poker sites are a long way clear of their conventional counterparts.

If you want great design, genuinely helpful customer service, and worthwhile bonuses, it is time to give these crypto sites a try.

Get paid quickly

Those who have used conventional video poker sites know all about the pain of waiting for a payout to go through.

This is because these sites interact with the banking system and deal with a huge amount of red tape.

It is a far different story with video poker sites with Binance Coin because significantly fewer regulations bind them.

There is regulation with the Curaçao Gaming Authority among the most reputable entities.

Yet, you still have the advantage of fast payouts because of a scarcity of red tape.

BNB itself also allows for quick-fire payouts.

High deposit and withdrawal limits

The limits on deposits and withdrawals associated with fiat-accepting video poker companies are problematic for some players.

You might find that it’s possible to deposit a lot of money but discover that taking out similar sums is impossible.

This is because plenty of video poker companies implement strict limits on the amount you can withdraw.

You’ll likely have to give even more personal information to get what’s rightfully yours.

Even worse, if you’re a regular winner, conventional video poker platforms will restrict your plays or ban you completely.

At this stage, you’re lucky if you can make wagers worth more than a couple of bucks.

The relatively low level of regulation associated with video poker sites with Binance Coin enables them to allow more generous withdrawal limits.

Indeed, our team uncovered numerous sites with NO transaction limits!

Due in part to greater competition, such sites are also less strict regarding restrictions and bans for being successful at playing.

Selecting the Right Binance Coin Video Poker Site For Your Needs

You probably deem a few factors more important than others when reviewing which BNB video poker site to use.

We recognize that every user is different, so we analyze multiple aspects of the video poker sites accepting Binance Coin we review.

Below are some of the most relevant.

How good are the games?

When considering one of the Binance Coin video poker sites from our list, please focus on its game selection.

It is routine for a site to have over 4,000 games, but quantity is only one part of the equation.

After all, if most of what’s available is old-fashioned or dull, you’ll quickly get bored.

You should look for online video poker platforms that frequently update their catalog with stimulating games.

Of course, you shouldn’t ignore all-time great games such as video poker and roulette.

Furthermore, if possible, try to find out the return-to-player (RTP) percentage for the games you play.

RTP calculates how much of a house edge exists and whether you’re getting value for your money.

Is the Video Poker Site end-to-end crypto or not?

The difference between video poker sites that accept Binance Coin and specifically end-to-end crypto sites is massive.

If you mistakenly choose the wrong site, it could cost you a reasonable sum of money, as you’re about to find out.

Traditional Video Poker Sites

You might be delighted to find a standard video poker platform that accepts Binance Coin, but there’s a sizeable catch.

Binance Coin might go into your account, but it certainly doesn’t stay there.

As soon as the crypto goes into the site, it becomes fiat and only reverts to its digital form upon withdrawal.

Basically, the whole thing is a mirage because you can’t actually use the Binance Coin on the site.

What’s worse is that you’re charged fees for both transactions.

Consequently, end-to-end video poker sites that accept Binance Coin are your only option if you’re convinced that the price of Binance Coin will increase.

Why choose end-to-end BNB Video Poker Sites?

When you use end-to-end video poker sites with Binance Coin, you conduct every type of transaction exclusively in digital currency.

As a result, your balance is shown in cryptocurrency, so you could profit if its price rises but lose money if the price falls.

Certain BNB video poker sites even accept a handful of digital currencies.

If you’re interested in using end-to-end crypto sites, we advise you to choose companies that offer the following:

  • Anonymity

  • Fast transactions

  • Minimal restrictions on transactions

  • Of course, some video poker sites accepting Binance Coin are better than others, so check out our detailed reviews to discover the best site for your needs.

What kind of bonuses are on offer?

Regular users of video poker sites know that there is an array of different bonuses on offer.

We investigate this section thoroughly by dividing it into three distinct groups.

Welcome bonus

It is standard practice for Binance Coin video poker sites to provide a welcome bonus for new players.

Using slick marketing, these sites can easily convince you that you’re benefiting.

Especially if the site gives you a bonus worth the same as your first deposit.

Suppose you deposit $200, the Binance Coin video poker website ‘rewards’ you with another $200.

Alas, it is too good to be true because of the major restrictions included.

Namely, the fact that you can’t withdraw a cent from the video poker site that accepts Binance Coin until you play with a minimum of 30 times your deposit.

Consequently, you must make at least $6,000 worth of wagers with a $200 initial deposit before getting any money.

Therefore, barring a lucky win, it is virtually certain that you’re waving goodbye to that money.

This is why it makes sense to focus on a site’s VIP package or the quality of its promotions.

VIP package

Big players at casinos expect preferential treatment in the form of upgraded accommodation, sports tickets, and free meals.

While Binance Coin video poker sites can’t replicate the above, they can implement VIP programs to ensure players return for more.

The best sites offer innovative rewards programs to loyal players.

A common example is to offer a points system where you receive 1 point for every $1 you spend.

Let’s say you earn 2,000 points; this could equate to $20 that you can spend how you like on the site.

Such a program automatically rewards individuals who spend a lot of money on a video poker site.

Other examples of VIP programs include giving players a special customer service agent and bonuses on special occasions such as birthdays.

Sadly, plenty of BNB video poker sites fail dismally regarding their VIP offerings.

Our BNB video poker platform reviews include detailed information on the standard of VIP programs available.

How good are a site’s promotions?

The frequency of promotions is less important than their standard.

There’s little point in trying to avail of regular low-value promos, which are often more trouble than they’re worth.

Indeed, most traditional video poker sites don’t bother attracting users via innovative promotions.

Instead, they offer bonuses with many stipulations that are almost impossible to benefit from genuinely.

In contrast, Binance Coin video poker sites understand that great promotions bring customers and keep them loyal.

Once they receive rewards worth mentioning, players have a much better time on the site.


Regardless of everything else offered by video poker sites accepting Binance Coin, they’re best avoided if they fail to ensure quick and easy transactions.

When reviewing these sites, we look into withdrawal speed and limits, along with the number of cryptocurrencies you can use.

Crypto options

The number of digital coins available is in the thousands and growing rapidly.

Unfortunately, only a small fraction of the market has genuine growth potential.

Therefore, it is understandable for video poker sites with Binance Coin to remain selective regarding the coins they allow.

Even so, you should be able to use Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other well-known cryptocurrencies.

How quick are withdrawals?

If you want rapid transactions, Binance Coin should be your currency of choice.

Some cryptocurrencies can process thousands of transactions every second, though not all have this capability.

Given the market’s competitive nature, Binance Coin video poker sites understand the need for speed, and some offer virtually instantaneous withdrawals.

We check out the sites that offer the fastest withdrawal speed and outline any potential problems you’ll face.

What are the withdrawal limits?

Traditional video poker sites continue to annoy users by preventing them from withdrawing reasonable sums of money at once.

Even sites with the most generous limits are unlikely to allow weekly withdrawals of over $10,000.

The above might seem okay until you hit a five-figure payout, only to discover that you can’t spend your money for weeks.

Fortunately, there are no such issues with the best Binance Coin video poker sites, as they offer generous withdrawal limits.

There are plenty of sites that offer limitless withdrawals.

With this in mind, you know that a gigantic win can be transferred in moments.

Does your country allow Playing with money?

Many nations still view gambling as an illegal activity.

Unfortunately, we still have a situation where people register with BNB video poker sites in countries where wagering with money is illegal.

Top-rated video poker websites with BNB support users in the vast majority of nations where playing on sports markets or casino games is legal.

When you try to register with such reputable sites from a prohibited country, they make it clear that it’s impossible to join.

In contrast, scam video poker sites with Binance Coin don’t care about legality and allow you to join no matter where you live.

It is an easy way for them to make money since they can place the blame solely on the user.

Once you deposit money, however, they ask for verification details and ban you while withholding your money.

Some eager gamblers hide their location with a VPN to bypass geographical restrictions.

If a legitimate video poker site that accepts Binance Coin discovers you’re from a country on its prohibited list, it will shut down your account but return your money.

Before you breathe a sigh of relief, remember that your actions could get you into legal trouble!

Trustworthiness of the Binance Coin Video Poker Site

The permanent nature of Binance Coin transactions is a great feature, but it can also cause major problems.

If you make any mistake when transferring money, you can probably say goodbye to it!

Register with a shady video poker site that accepts Binance Coin, and you can similarly wave ‘adios’ to your digital coins.

Binance Coin is decentralized, meaning there are no intermediaries such as banks, brokerages, or exchanges to complain to if something goes wrong.

With this in mind, discovering everything you can about the reputation of BNB video poker sites is crucial.

If you want to use a certain site, perform detailed online research, including reading the review written by our team.

We don’t just play on video poker sites with Binance Coin to give you our first-hand experience, we also ask real users for their opinion.

The result is a review that highlights a site’s trustworthiness and any red flags.

Customer service standard

Never underestimate the importance of a high-quality customer support team.

BNB video poker sites with poor or non-existent support hang players out to dry if there’s a problem.

Whether you have an issue with a game or a withdrawal, you’ll feel better with a trained customer service agent on the case.

All of our reviews feature relevant information on a site’s attitude towards customer service.

This includes details of our interactions with several agents, emphasizing speed and helpfulness.

What is video poker?

Once known as ‘poker slots,’ video poker was introduced to casinos in Las Vegas in the 1970s.

Once SIRCOMA brought Draw Poker to the market in the late 1970s, the game entered the mainstream.

Binance Coin video poker sites still provide a version of the game based on five-card draw, although the machines have evolved.

Video poker has one of the lowest house edges in any casino game when played correctly.

Keep reading to discover how to play this game on Binance Coin video poker sites, as well as strategy tips, and the most popular variations.

Playing video poker

First of all, please note that BNB video poker sites tend to provide the five-card draw version of the game, although you might find other options.

Now, let’s investigate video poker rules, including data on paytables, which helps you calculate the house edge.

Video poker rules

A single deck consisting of 52 cards is used in video poker.

Playing is as easy as deciding how much Binance Coin to risk before pressing the ‘start’ or ‘deal’ button.

After receiving the initial five cards from the Binance Coin video poker site, your next move involves examining your hand and keeping a specific number of cards.

After you decide on your next move, the video poker site provides you with the requested amount of new cards.

Winning hands are paid out immediately as per the paytable, which can vary depending on the BNB video poker website.

You need to look at the paytable to learn the game’s return-to-player (RTP) percentage, which highlights the house edge.

For instance, in a standard 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker game, the RTP is approximately 99.54%, with a 6:1 payout for a flush and a 9:1 payout for a full house.

However, some games only give you a 5-credit payout for a flush and a 6-credit payout for a full house, increasing the house edge to 5%.

Let’s check out the standard paytable for 9/6 Jacks or Better.

9/6 video poker paytable

  • Jacks or Better: 1

  • Two Pairs: 2

  • Three of a Kind: 3

  • Straight: 4

  • Flush: 6

  • Full House: 9

  • Four of a Kind: 25

  • Straight Flush: 50

  • Royal Flush: 250

While some BNB video poker websites have different rules, most permit you to play between 1 and 5 credits per game.

It is standard to receive a bonus if you get a royal flush with a 5-credit play.

Many video poker websites accepting BNB will payout up to 4,000 credits for a maximum stake royal flush in what is considered the jackpot win.

Certain video poker sites provide more generous straight flush and royal flush payouts to attract players.

What is my likelihood of winning in video poker?

In 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker, the house edge is less than 0.5%, but this is only if you use an optimum strategy.

Someone with minimal skill could give the Binance Coin video poker site an advantage of approximately 4%.

In contrast, a skilled player could have a slight edge in video poker games such as Deuces Wild!

Why would Binance Coin video poker sites offer games with a potentially high return? Because they know that very few people can play to the required level.

Let’s check out some Jacks or Better video poker strategies to help minimize the house edge.

Best video poker strategy (Jacks or Better)

Unlike slots that offer random outcomes, your skill in playing the cards determines your success in video poker.

The built-in house edge means the following advice does NOT guarantee you’ll make a profit, but it should help you get the most out of your Binance Coin.

  • Do NOT hold a kicker if you have three of a kind; discard the two cards you don’t need

  • Should you have two pairs, it is essential to dump the fifth card to open the possibility of getting a full house

  • When you draw four-to-a-flush, discard the remaining card unless you have at least a pair of Jacks

  • Get rid of a winning pair if you only need one card to get a straight flush or royal flush

  • Avoid making the mistake of holding a Jack, Queen, King, or Ace instead of a non-winning pair like a pair of eights

  • Hold the four cards in an outside straight draw; this is a situation where one of two cards will do (such as a 6,7,8,9 draw which means a 5 or 10 gets you the straight)

  • Don’t hold the four cards to an inside straight draw; this is a hand where only one card gets the win, such as a 10,J,Q,A where you need a King

  • If you have a flush or straight draw, hold all five cards unless you also draw four to a straight flush or royal flush

  • If you draw three to a straight flush or royal flush, hold unless you have a pair of Jacks or better

Many video poker sites accepting Binance Coin also offer a hi/lo mini game where you can risk your winnings by guessing whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous one.

As this sub-game hands the video poker platform another advantage, it is often best to avoid it and focus on collecting your winnings.

Popular video poker variations

Although Jacks or Better remains the most popular form of the game, video poker sites that accept Binance Coin often offer the following variations.

Joker Poker

This is a well-liked version of video poker and is very similar to Jacks or Better.

The most significant difference is the fact there are 53 cards in the deck due to the addition of the joker.

Video poker sites with Binance Coin typically ensure the minimum winning hand is a pair of Kings; otherwise, the player would have an edge due to the joker.

However, if the video poker site includes high payouts for a flush or straight, skilled players could earn a profit from Joker Poker.

Deuces Wild

In this video poker version, all four deuces (twos) become wild cards.

Consequently, there are four jokers in the pack, significantly increasing the chances of a strong hand.

Generally, the payouts for most hands are far below those of Jacks or Better, and you need at least a three of a kind to win.

Big wins in Deuces Wild include getting the four wild cards in a hand and a Natural Royal Flush, a royal flush with no deuces.

Bonus and Double Bonus

In this version of video poker, the minimum winning hand is a pair of Jacks, just like in the Jacks or Better game.

However, the payouts for a straight, flush, and full house are usually smaller than what you’ll win on standard video poker.

This game is all about getting certain four-of-a-kind hands that offer significant wins.

For example, you might win 40 credits if you get four x twos, threes, or fours, and 80 credits for four Aces.

In Double Bonus Poker, you get big four-of-a-kind wins and generous payouts for flushes, straights, and full houses, but only one credit for two pairs.

Whether you want to try Jacks or Better or a variation, BNB video poker sites have you covered.

If you don’t learn how to play video poker using an optimal strategy, you’re doing yourself a massive disservice and will lose money in the long term.

Pros and Cons of Using Binance Coin on Video Poker Sites

Processing payments with Binance Coin on video poker sites could be exhausting if you’re a newbie.

Be sure to learn more about Binance Coin, if you want to use it for playing.

About Binance Coin

Binance Coin is crypto introduced in 2017.

Issued by the well-known Binance exchange, Binance Coin has a trading symbol BNB.

It was initially based on the Ethereum blockchain and now is part of Binance’s chain.

It has an ERC 20 standard and a maximum supply of 200 million tokens.

Binance Exchange is among the largest crypto exchanges in the globe, confirming over 1.4 million transactions per second.

In addition to using on its native exchange, Binance Coin can be utilized for trading, payments, investment, and similar.

Advantages of using Binance Coin

Take a look at some Binance Coin pros when using it for playing.

BNB has a hopeful future

Binance, the company behind Binance Coin, has a hopeful future.

Binance Coin has already received support from exclusive partners, including brands from the video entertainment sector.

Binance transactions are fast

When using Binance Coin for wagering, you can enjoy swift transactions.

If using Binance Coin playing winnings for trading, you can even win prizes.

Binance Coin charges are low

BNB offers the lowest transaction fees when it comes to crypto playing.

The approximate fee is 0.1% for all traders.

However, in the case of a busy blockchain, fees will be higher.

BNB is flexible

You can relish the playing experience with Binance Coin and benefit from the full scalability.

This is feasible as Binance benefits from a burndown policy, providing a smooth experience on video poker companies.

Following the burndown policy, Binance takes 20% of the yield to get BNB and burns them to reduce the entire supply while maintaining 50% of the total BNB supply.

The cons of using Binance Coin

Take a look at some downsides of using Binance Coin for playing.

Binance Coin has certain legal issues

If using Binance Coin for wagering, you should know that regulators are considering taking the system down.

You have probably heard about many filed complaints regarding Binance and its unlicensed operation.

Complaints could quickly cause a ban which could also deter you from playing.

Binance Coin is centralized

BNB may not be a great choice for wagering because of its centralization.

Binance Coin is centralized through Binance and up to 80% of tokens are held by Binance in multiple wallets.

Binance Coin’s centralization could lead to frauds and double-spends which would affect the playing experience.

BNB is targeted by hackers

Binance Coin and the entire Binance system face regular hack attacks.

Because of this, you may feel unsafe when using BNB for playing.

Despite Binance supervision, hackers can intrude on the system and get your money from Binance Coin playing.

Locating Top-Rated Binance Coin Video Poker Sites: Concluding Thoughts

Cryptocurrency is arguably the most exciting thing ever to happen for bettors.

The process of playing with digital assets means you get to enjoy your pastime privately.

The number of BNB video poker sites available is expanding rapidly, but they’re far from being of a similar standard.

Given that it is a nascent industry with lax oversight, there are sadly lots of shady operators.

This is why our team has taken the liberty of conducting detailed investigations of every video poker site with Binance Coin we come across.

The resulting reviews discuss games, features, bonuses, payment methods, reputation, and much more.

In our humble opinion, crypto is the currency of the present and future, with a wide range of benefits when used on video poker sites.

In conclusion, we suggest that you read our BNB video poker site reviews to find the best site for your specific needs.

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