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The Ethereum sports betting industry is becoming extremely competitive with many sites to choose from as the 2020-2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo approach. Originally this was the 2020 Olympics, but it was postponed due to the pandemic. Now it is finally taking place in 2021.    

Since cryptocurrencies are heating up in popularity along with crypto betting sites, there are more options for placing wagers on the 2020-2021 Olympic Games using crypto than there ever have been before.

Placing wagers on the best Olympics Ethereum betting sites and crypto sportsbooks is a great idea. You can access lower fees, better odds, and increased privacy, among other benefits.

The 7 Best Olympics Ethereum Betting Sites

These are some of the top gambling sites for the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics that accept cryptocurrency.

Selecting Your 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics Ethereum Sportsbook - 6 Factors to Consider 

When selecting a crypto sportsbook to bet on the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic games, there are a few important things to factor into your decision. We’ll run through the top six factors that you should consider before choosing the best betting site that suits your needs.

  • VIP Programs and Bonuses
  • Reputation and Trust
  • Betting Odds Available
  • Restricted/Prohibited
  • Anonymous Betting
  • Payout and Withdrawal Speed & Terms


VIP Programs and Bonuses

Are you hoping to take advantage of the bonuses for Olympics Ethereum sports betting?

Most Ethereum sportsbooks offer incentives such as sign-up bonuses, referral bonuses, active user bonuses, VIP Programs, and much more. 

Be sure to find the site that works best for your wants and needs, provides great bonuses, and allows you to bet how you like.

Reputation and Trust


A properly registered business is one of the first things you should identify when choosing a betting site that offers gambling odds for the Olympics.

Licensing is an important thing to look for because it means that the site you’re dealing with is properly registered. 

Most Ethereum betting sites for the 2020-2021 Tokyo Olympics are going to be licensed in Curacao or Costa Rica. These countries offer better crypto incentives which users also benefit from.

Even if the business is located in a remote country, if they have a licensed backing they should be trustworthy.

Customer Service Addressing Complaints

When you start betting on matches at the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, the last thing you want is to have a problem with your sportsbook and not be able to find a quick solution.

Customer service is a very important element to look at when choosing your crypto sports betting site as this will allow you to feel comfortable with your wagers and money on the site.  

Choose the best crypto gambling site for you with the customer support team that will be there for you whenever you need them. CryptoManiaks has reviewed all of the most reputable sites, so feel free to read these reviews to research the site that best suits your needs. 

Length of Operation

If the crypto betting site that you are viewing has not been around long, that can be a big red flag. 

Most reputable sites have been around for an extended period of time and you can find their reputations by going through and reading the individual reviews here on the CryptoManiaks site.

Another tip is looking at what online forums and blogs are saying about the sportsbook you're thinking of playing on.  After conducting your research, you can find the top sites that fit your interests and make your decision from there.

Betting Odds Available

Some bettors may think that the summer Olympics are the same as the winter Olympics, however, they are very different due to the fact that the winter Olympic games offer many more events in comparison. 

In the summer Olympics this year, there will be no less than 339 events and many sportsbooks will offer thousands of betting odds for these events. Some popular events to wager on include:

  • The Decathlon
  • Soccer
  • 100m dash
  • Rowing
  • Swimming


Restricted Countries

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a site to place wagers on the Olympic Games in Tokyo is whether or not you can play there in the first place. Not all betting sites will restrict you from registration, but if your country is restricted and you find out the hard way, you could lose all your valuable crypto.

While on the CryptoManiaks site, to decide whether or not a given site is restricted in your country, you can change your location by scrolling up to the top right corner, clicking the flag, and changing it to where you live. 

Unfortunately for Americans that wish to gamble on the Olympics, many crypto betting sites restrict users from the United States from playing. The good news is there are a few options like BetOnline that will allow you to get in on the Olympic betting action with your Ethereum.

Anonymous Betting

When betting on traditional sites that use fiat currencies, you are unable to participate without identifying yourself.

The benefit of using a crypto sports gambling site is that you do not have to go through KYC (Know Your Client) procedures to allow you to participate due to the blockchain verification process.

Still, be sure to do your research as some sites will allow you to make a deposit without identifying information but disallow you to withdraw your winnings.

Payout and Withdrawal Speed & Terms

After you make successful bets on the Olympic events, withdrawing your crypto winnings should be a pretty quick process. 

Some websites have minimums and maximums for your transactions, so be sure to find the best Ethereum betting site that allows you to withdraw and deposit to your specific needs.

Most crypto transactions are done quickly because of the efficiency of blockchain technology.  However if a lot of people are transacting with a particular crypto, the process can be slowed down.

Assuring that you have the correct Ethereum address to deposit into is one of the most important factors when making withdrawals and deposits.

As long as you have the correct address, your crypto will arrive safely in your wallet.

How to Bet on the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics with Ethereum

To bet on this year’s Olympic Games with Ethereum, follow these steps: 

  1. Seek out some reputable Ethereum sports betting sites that will allow you to bet on this year's Olympic games.
  2. Find a crypto exchange that is betting friendly and will allow you to deposit and withdraw your Ethereum. (list below). 
  3. Buy some crypto and choose the best 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics Ethereum betting site based on your individual needs.
  4. Watch the Olympic games while betting with cryptocurrencies!

Note that some crypto sports gambling sites will allow you to buy Ethereum and other cryptos directly on the platform. This is the case with Stake.

CryptoManiaks has many articles for you to review and find some of the best Ethereum gambling-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto industry.

Once you have bought your crypto, you need to become comfortable with transferring, and holding your Ethereum as crypto can be risky.

This is why we have great resources to get started:


Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Betting vs. Traditional Betting

Pro: Financial privacy

Betting with crypto can bring a number of advantages such as being able to gamble anonymously. 

Most of the 2020-2021 Tokyo Olympic betting sites will allow you to make wagers without going through the identification process that traditional sites make you do.

Pro: Low Fees

Another benefit when you bet with crypto is taking advantage of low fees.

Transactions that are done on the blockchain tend to be much cheaper than traditional services. 

Also, many crypto gambling sites will cover or lower the cost of such fees. 

Pro: Play from anywhere

Something that crypto gamblers love about Ethereum betting sites is that they allow you to play from anywhere in the world.  

This means you can enjoy making wagers even if you are traveling a lot.

However, some sites do have restrictions on the countries that are allowed and you can check these out in the CryptoManiaks review section.

Pro: Bigger, better bonuses

Bonuses are something that you will quickly notice when you start searching for your crypto sportsbook. 

These bonuses tend to pay out much more to users in comparison to traditional sportsbook sites.

This trend will likely continue as people wish to maximize their winnings during the Olympic Games and bet with crypto instead of cash. 

Con: Lack of regulation

Currently, in the crypto industry, there is a lack of global regulation which is one of the reasons you can stay anonymous when gambling.

This does also mean that websites have less accountability and may not be the most honest.

The good news is that CryptoManiaks can help prevent you from running into one of these sites. We have hundreds of reviews on the most reputable crypto gambling sites and some that aren’t well known. 

Con: No chargebacks

Blockchain transactions are final, so this means there are no refunds like with traditional sites.  

Making sure you have the correct blockchain address is very important as you are responsible for the potential loss of funds. It’s also essential that you keep your information safe so someone else can’t access it without authorization. If someone steals your crypto, you can’t just file a chargeback to get it returned.

However, this also means that these avoided chargeback fees go into the winnings pool to benefit all the site’s users.

Con: Crypto price volatility

When watching the prices of cryptos from day to day, you will likely see a good amount of volatility.  

This is because cryptos like Ethereum are new and in a price discovery phase.  

If you want to escape this volatility when using crypto sportsbooks, you can place wagers with stablecoins that are pegged to a fiat currency.

What’s Your Best Ethereum Sportsbook for the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games? 

You now have the perfect game plan to find the right Ethereum sportsbook for you. 

While it can be a bit overwhelming to do this research, the CryptoManiaks site has hundreds of reviews including some of the most reputable sites in the industry.

As you find the best gambling sites that offer good incentives and odds on the Olympics, be sure that the website operates in your region, which you can also check for on the CryptoManiaks site.

Have fun watching the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics and good luck with your crypto bets!



Are there any bonuses when betting on Olympic games with cryptocurrencies?

Yes, and each site will have unique bonuses.

Can I bet on the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics with Ethereum?

Yes, and there are many different cryptocurrencies that are accepted.

Is 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics betting legal?

Yes, it is legal, however, it depends on where you live.

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