7 Best Olympics Crypto Betting Sites

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When you bet on the Olympic Games using crypto sportsbooks, you can gain access to lower fees, better odds, increased privacy, and other benefits.

As cryptocurrencies become more popular around the world, there are more options for placing wagers on the 2020-2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo using crypto than ever before.  

This has led to a very competitive crypto sports betting industry with hundreds of sites to choose from for the Olympic games.

The 7 Best Olympics Crypto Betting Sites

If you would like to use crypto to bet on the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, these are some of the best sites.

Selecting Your 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics Crypto Sportsbook - 6 Factors to Consider 

Choosing an Olympics crypto sports betting site to bet on the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics can be difficult with so many options to choose from. Together we’ll walk through the steps to take to find out which site is best suited for your gambling desires.

The following six factors are things that will help you make the best-informed decision. 

  • Betting Odds Available
  • Anonymous Betting
  • Payout and Withdrawal Speed & Terms
  • Restricted/Prohibited
  • VIP Programs and Bonuses
  • Reputation and Trust


Betting Odds Available

The Summer Olympics are going to be very popular this year with over 300 different sporting events. People look forward to the summer Olympics because of the many events that bettors can make wagers on. 

With there being so many events, most crypto sports betting sites will have thousands of odds from betting on individual athletes, countries, events, and more.  

If you find a site that does not allow you to bet on hundreds of different wagers, you can probably find a better one.

Popular events to wager on during the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics include:

  • The 100m sprint
  • Olympics soccer
  • Swimming
  • Rowing 
  • The Decathlon  
  • And many more!


Anonymous Betting

With blockchain verification, many crypto gambling sites do not ask you to go through the traditional AML/KYC (Anti Money Laundering/Know Your Customer) process that fiat currency betting sites have you go through.

This is good if you’d like to bet with crypto anonymously, however, be careful as some sites will allow you to deposit freely, but question you for identification when you want to withdraw.  

If you wish to gamble anonymously, check that the sports betting site allows users to remain anonymous throughout the entire process.

Payout and Withdrawal Speed & Terms

Withdrawing your crypto winnings is a simple process on Olympics betting sites.  

Since cryptocurrencies operate on blockchain networks, all you need is a crypto wallet address that is compatible with the cryptocurrency you are sending.  

Some websites will have limitations on the amounts that you can withdraw or deposit.  You may also receive a bonus on your winnings for keeping it on the crypto betting site, but you can decide what to do after finding the best option.  

Transactions on the blockchain typically take a short amount of time. Do not worry if a transaction takes as long as a day as this can be normal if there is a lot of activity on the blockchain. The only thing you need to do is make sure you have the correct crypto address!  

Restricted Countries

When finding the best crypto sports betting site for you, you will need to check on the restricted country list on the site. This is very important as you do not want to make a deposit or have winnings on a website that you won’t be able to withdraw from.  

The CryptoManiaks website has great resources to find the crypto betting sites that are available to users in your country. All you need to do is select the “Country Chooser” button in the top right corner of the screen and select your country of residence.

Many crypto betting sites have licenses that do not allow for United States citizens to participate, so checking country eligibility is very important for Americans before placing wagers.  

There are options for Americans, like BetOnline, that may have fewer odds for you to play, but you will still be able to wager on the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

VIP Programs and Bonuses

Most crypto sports betting sites offer a number of incentives that users can take advantage of. Welcome bonuses, jackpots, lotteries, and more are some of the benefits users have access to in addition to VIP Programs.  

These VIP Programs often have loyalty rewards that pay you for frequently betting on the 2020-2021 Summer Olympics.  

You can also gain access to bonuses where you can double or triple your wagers while making your winnings even larger.  

Reputation and Trust


Most reputable sites in crypto are registered businesses that have a licensed backing.  These sites are more trustworthy and honest than those that do not have a license.

The majority of crypto sports betting sites have licenses that are based in Costa Rica or Curacao.

Even though these licenses are based in countries that are in more remote parts of the world, you can trust them due to their licensed backing.  
Customer Service Addressing Complaints

Finding a crypto sports betting site that has high-quality customer service is also important. If an issue arises or you have a question about the site, you want to be able to find a resolution as quickly as possible.

The most reputable betting sites have customer service agents that will be moderating the website in real-time.  

This means you’ll receive efficient responses that allow you to feel comfortable with your money and wagers on the site. 

Looking at reviews from other users will also prove the quality of the customer service on sports gambling sites. Sometimes, customer service agents want to get rid of service tickets quickly instead of actually resolving the issue. 

CryptoManiaks has done a great deal of reviews on customer service and you can check out the most popular sites that people enjoy using through these reviews.

Length of Operation

Be wary of websites that have not been around for a long time as the most reputable crypto sports betting sites have been around for years. 

Unfortunately, there are websites that look to take advantage of users in the crypto space and these sites are usually ones that have been in operation for a short amount of time.  

Always be sure to check out our reviews on the CryptoManiaks platform to find the best and most reputable sites for you to bet on the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

How to Bet on the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics with Crypto

Follow these four steps to start betting on the Olympics:

  1. Identify multiple crypto sports betting sites for the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics. 
  2. Find the best reputable crypto exchange for your needs. 
  3. Fund your account with the crypto you want, to bet with on the betting site you chose. 
  4. Watch and enjoy the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics while gambling with crypto!

Some Olympics crypto betting sites, like Stake, offer the opportunity to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly from the platforms. 

One of the best ways to get your hands on crypto is to review some of the best Crypto gambling-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry.

Once you have cryptocurrencies, you need to be comfortable sending, storing, and receiving your crypto. Cryptocurrency gambling can be a bit tricky.

That’s why we created some awesome resources to get started:


Pros and Cons of Crypto Betting vs. Traditional Betting

Pro: Play from anywhere

Many crypto sports gambling sites will not only let you play without checking your identification but will also let you play from anywhere.

There are some sites that have restricted countries especially when it comes to users from the United States.  

CryptoManiaks reviews cover this topic thoroughly so you can quickly find out if the website you want to use is available in your region.   

Pro: Financial privacy

There can be a number of reasons why you’d like to gamble anonymously such as not wanting to give out personal financial information.

Crypto sports betting sites allow for this anonymity if you wish to place wagers on the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Pro: Bigger, better bonuses

One of the first things that you will see when signing up for crypto sportsbooks are the bonuses. There are welcome bonuses, active user bonuses, and much more. 

There is no doubt that these bigger and better bonuses will attract people to bet with crypto instead of on traditional sites. 

It’s a great way to attract new gamblers and experienced gamblers that want to be more involved in the crypto space.

Pro: Low Fees

A major advantage of betting with cryptocurrencies is that there are lower fees.  

Overall with blockchain technologies we see lower fees than traditional financial services. This allows crypto betting sites to offer users better incentives by not charging miscellaneous fees.

Con: Crypto price volatility

While on a daily basis we see crypto price fluctuations, there are ways to escape this volatility.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that stay pegged to the price of a particular nation’s currency.

This allows you to make bets with cryptos that will not appreciate or depreciate right after placing the wager.

Con: Lack of regulation

There is currently little regulation in the crypto industry and this is part of the reason why you can stay anonymous when placing bets. 

This could be a downside if the website is not honest and lacks accountability. 

However, you can find many in-depth reviews on the CryptoManiaks site that will let you know specific details on how users are treated when using these crypto sportsbooks. So no need to worry! 

Con: No chargebacks

The majority of crypto sportsbooks only deal with crypto transactions so there’s no possibility of credit card chargebacks. This is great for the users and the website owners as the winnings can be bigger.

You do need to be sure your crypto addresses are correct because no chargebacks also means no potential refunds.

However, if someone gets your information and steals your crypto funds, you can’t just file a chargeback to recover your stolen crypto. 

What’s Your Best Crypto Sportsbook for the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games? 

Now that you’ve learned how to find the best crypto sports betting site for the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics, you can determine which one best suits your needs.

With so many options to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. However, CryptoManiaks has a number of reviews and ratings for some of the most reputable crypto sports gambling sites.  

You can thoroughly read these reviews and do your own further research to find the sites that you find are most suitable for you. After ranking your top three, you can whittle down your list even more depending on where you live.

Now you’re ready to watch the exciting 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics and place some crypto wagers while you’re at it. 




Is 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics betting legal?

Yes, it is legal, however, it depends on where you live.

Are there any bonuses when betting on Olympic games with cryptocurrencies?

Yes, and each site will have unique bonuses.

Can I bet on the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics with crypto?

Yes, and there are many different cryptocurrencies that are accepted.