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With more and more people getting involved with cryptocurrencies across the globe, crypto sports gambling has become very popular.

When you place wagers with crypto you can take advantage of benefits such as anonymous betting, low fees, and odds that are better than traditional betting sites. 

Many people are looking to capitalize on these benefits this summer during the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, which is now the 2021 Olympics thanks to Covid, while betting on events with cryptocurrency.  

The 7 Best Olympics Bitcoin Betting Sites

Here are some of the best betting sites for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo that accept cryptocurrency.

Selecting Your 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics Bitcoin Sportsbooks - 6 Factors to Consider 

There are many things to consider when choosing the best 2021 Summer Olympics sportsbook for your crypto gambling desires. In this section, let’s run through six factors you need to consider before you get in on the Olympics action. Here are the key factors I think you should look at: 

  • Restricted Countries
  • Reputation and Trust
  • Payout and Withdrawal Speed & Terms
  • VIP Programs and Bonuses
  • Anonymous Betting
  • Betting Odds Available


Restricted Countries

CryptoManiaks has many resources to find out if an Olympics bitcoin betting site is restricted to users in your country.  In the top right corner of the screen, you can select your country's flag and see which sites are available for you to use as you navigate reviews. 

Knowing which countries are restricted on betting sites is very important as you do not want to have valuable crypto that you can’t access.  

Many sites will have an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section that will let you know about restricted countries. You can also ask one of the moderators on the site.

Most Olympics Bitcoin betting sites have licenses in countries that prevent users from the United States from playing. However, sites like BetOnline will allow Americans to bet on the 2020-2021 Tokyo Olympics. 

Reputation and Trust


A very important factor you should identify on the Bitcoin betting site you want to use is if the site is a licensed business. This means it is a properly registered business that will not try to scam you out of your crypto.

When searching for a site to bet on the Olympic games, you’ll see many crypto businesses that are registered in Costa Rica or Curacao. 

These areas have better crypto tax incentives which give users better advantages too.  

You can still trust these sites as long as they have a licensed backing. 

Customer Service Addressing Complaints

One of the last things you want to happen when betting on the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics is to have a problem on the site that you can’t fix.

This is why quality customer service is important when finding a Bitcoin betting site as you want to find the one that best suits your needs.

Some sites will offer top-notch, 24/7 customer service while others will claim to be responsive but not prove it.  

It’s important to know that not all gambling sites will provide quality service, so reading reviews on the CryptoManiaks site is a great way to find out. We have done a lot of research so you don’t need to tirelessly search website reviews.

Length of Operation

The more popular and widely used sports gambling sites have been around for a long time.

If you find a site that is offering odds on the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics that is brand new, this may be a red flag.

You can search online reviews to see if these new sites are trustworthy. However, the CryptoManiaks site has reviewed the length of operation for many of these sites so you can quickly find your answers.

Payout and Withdrawal Speed & Terms

Crypto transactions are done on the blockchain and are usually executed quickly.  

These transactions take a few minutes or a few hours depending on how many people are using the blockchain.

Be sure to find a crypto betting site that does not have large minimum or maximum transaction limits as this can affect how you access your own crypto.

Some Bitcoin transactions can take a bit longer because of the popularity of the Bitcoin blockchain.  

As long as you are sure that you have the correct address, your crypto will be safely transferred regardless of time.

VIP Programs and Bonuses

There are many bonuses that you can take advantage of when betting on crypto sports gambling sites.

Some bonuses include active user bonuses, VIP programs, sign-up bonuses, and much more.  

You can utilize these bonuses to amplify your winnings and grow your crypto jackpot even more!

Anonymous Betting

Most sports betting sites will not allow you to take part in the sportsbook odds unless you identify yourself through a process called KYC (Know Your Customer).

Some Bitcoin gambling sites will allow you to sign up and make deposits, however, they could ask you to identify yourself before you withdraw your winnings.

When finding the best Olympics bitcoin sports betting site for you to bet on the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, be sure to find one that allows you to withdraw your Bitcoin and be eligible throughout your entire gaming process.

Betting Odds Available

In comparison to the winter Olympics, the summer Olympic games have many more events that take place for bettors to gamble on.  

For this year’s 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic games there are over 330 different events that athletes will be taking part in. 

If you find a crypto gambling site that does not offer hundreds and hundreds of odds for your sportsbook, you can probably find a better site.

Some of the popular events that bettors are looking forward to are:

  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • 100m sprint
  • Rowing 
  • The Decathlon 
  • And many more…


How to Bet on the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics with Bitcoin

To start betting with Bitcoin, follow these 4 steps: 

  1. Find a few trustworthy and reputable Bitcoin sports betting sites that allow you to place wagers on the Olympics.
  2. Use a reliable and gambling-friendly crypto exchange (list below). 
  3. Buy your cryptocurrencies and fund the best 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics crypto betting site that suits your needs.
  4. Enjoy as the exciting Olympic games unfold while placing bets with Bitcoin!

You will find that some crypto gambling websites provide the opportunity to buy Bitcoin directly. That’s the case with Stake, for instance.

The CryptoManiaks site has many reviews for you to find the best Bitcoin gambling-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges that the industry has to offer.

Once you own crypto, you need to become comfortable storing, sending, and receiving your Bitcoin as it can be a bit tricky at times.

This is why CryptoManiaks has many resources to help you get started:


Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Betting vs. Traditional Betting

Pro: Low Fees

There are typically very low fees when betting and doing transactions with crypto.

This is a major benefit compared to traditional gambling sites that usually charge multiple different user fees.

Pro: Play from anywhere

The ability to play from anywhere is another benefit when using crypto betting sites compared to traditional betting sites.

While there may still be some country restrictions, there is much more freedom in crypto betting around the world. 

If you need more information on country access you can check out the many CryptoManiaks reviews on this subject.

Pro: Bigger, better bonuses

Crypto gambling sites are known to have a list of bonuses for their users and some even have daily bonuses.

A couple of these include a welcome bonus and a first-time deposit bonus.

Taking advantage of these allows users and the website to be more active and create bigger jackpots for everyone as they bet on the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Pro: Financial privacy

If you’re looking to retain financial privacy when gambling with sportsbooks, betting with Bitcoin can allow you to remain anonymous throughout the whole process. 

Most Bitcoin betting sites for this year’s summer Olympics will provide this anonymity.

Con: No chargebacks

You won’t run into chargeback fees on your credit or debit cards as all transactions in crypto are on the blockchain. 

This also means all transactions are final. So be sure to have the correct crypto address and be careful that no one can access your account. If someone steals your Bitcoin, you can’t file a chargeback to have it returned.

This is ultimately positive for both users and the crypto gambling site as everyone receives more rewards without dealing with credit or debit card fees.

Con: Crypto price volatility

Cryptocurrencies will likely be worth more in the long term than they are today, but the day-to-day volatility can be like a roller coaster to some.

One way that people escape these price fluctuations is by using stablecoin cryptocurrencies that are based on a nation’s fiat currency. 

Con: Lack of regulation

A lack of regulations is part of the reason you can stay anonymous when using cryptocurrency to gamble.

You may find that there is not a lot of transparency with the website and its moderators due to this lack of regulation. 

The good news is that you can do your research in advance here at CryptoManiaks to prevent confusion and assure that the site you are looking to use will treat you fairly.

What’s Your Best Bitcoin Sportsbook for the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games? 

Alright! You had the chance to learn what to look for when choosing the best Bitcoin gambling site for the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics, and now it’s time to choose the best site for your needs.

It can be overwhelming to find a great site to use given there are so many options and many different points of feedback to consider. Fortunately, at CryptoManiaks, we have one of the most robust libraries of crypto gambling reviews in the industry.

The best thing you can do is rank your favorite top three or five crypto gambling websites according to the information you review and what your needs are and then go from there.

You can weigh the pros and cons of all your choices and then make the best decision for you.

There are many opportunities for you to take advantage of while watching and betting on the 2020-2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic games.  

Good luck!



Can I bet on the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics with Bitcoin?

Yes, and there are many different cryptocurrencies that are accepted.

Is 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics betting legal?

Yes, it is legal, however, it depends on where you live.

Are there any bonuses when betting on Olympic games with Bitcoin?

Yes, and each site will have unique bonuses.