7 Best Euro 2021 Crypto Betting Sites

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With more countries, states, and provinces working on legalizing gambling, the crypto sports betting industry has become extremely competitive. There are literally hundreds of sites to choose from! As Euro 2021 (Euro 2020 was postponed because of the pandemic) gets closer, this is a perfect time to find your best Euro 2021 cryptocurrency betting sites. 

Cryptocurrency sports betting doesn’t just bring together gamblers who love crypto. It also brings together nations of people who want to see their country bring home the Euro 2021 championship. Do you want to join the excitement?

The 7 Best Euro Championship Betting Sites

Here are some of the best Euro 2021 betting sites that accept cryptocurrency.

Why Bet on Euro Cup 2021 with Cryptocurrency?

Because there is so much competition, online cryptocurrency betting sites are now offering more crypto bonuses and other benefits, along with better Euro 2021 betting odds to attract more players and high rollers.

Selecting Your Euro 2021 Crypto Sportsbooks - 6 Factors to Consider 

There are many things to consider when choosing the best Euro 2021 crypto sportsbooks for your gambling desires. In this section, let’s run through six factors you need to consider before you get in on the Euro championship crypto betting action. Here are the key factors I think you should look at: 

  • Restricted Countries
  • Reputation and Trust
  • Betting Odds Available
  • Anonymous Betting
  • Payout and Withdrawal Speed & Terms
  • VIP Programs and Bonuses

Your specific location, financial situation, and other reasons may mean that the best crypto betting site may not necessarily be the best for you.

You might need specific conditions to make your experience enjoyable or even possible where you live and in what financial situation you happen to be.

When determining what you’re looking for -- first think about the factors below. Write down your answers and consider each result in how it applies to you.

Which factor is more important to you, and why? 

Take time to plan and then register for your three best Euro Cup crypto betting sites. 

Experiment with them before settling on one or two -- that way you’ll be able to switch between the Euro cup crypto sportsbooks that are the most enjoyable or profitable.

Restricted Countries

The most important factor when it comes to betting on Euro 2021 with cryptocurrency is if you can even use it where you’re located.

To decide whether or not a given site is restricted in your country, you can change your location on this page by scrolling up to the top right, clicking the flag, and changing it to yours.

Anything that you won’t be able to access because of where you live will be greyed out in this post. This page is designed to respond to whatever jurisdiction you are planning to gamble in.

Unfortunately for American gamblers, many Euro Cup crypto betting sites also restrict Americans from playing. The good news is there are still a few options for you if you live in the United States, including BetOnline for example.

Reputation and Trust


Licenses and registration should be par for the course if you’re going to gamble with a significant amount of crypto on a Euro 2021 betting site. Most of the sites you will research will be registered in either Costa Rica or Curacao.

Why does licensing matter?

It matters because, in the crypto world, you get to be your own bank. However, if you’re sending crypto to a third party and you don’t know if you can trust them, there really is no way for you to get your crypto back.

Proper licensing is one of the many trust factors that will make you more comfortable betting on Euro 2021 with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Customer Service Addressing Complaints

Not all customer service and support ticket systems are built the same in the world of crypto sports betting. 

Some sites will answer you right away and give you all of the details you want to know. Other customer service teams will just point you to URLs without engaging in any sort of discussion.

There are also some customer service support teams that take several minutes or even hours to get back to you or turn you away if they don’t know how to help you.

Fortunately, we’ve already taken the time here at CryptoManiaks to filter through different sites and find the best customer support teams. If we rank a customer support team as top-notch, it means you’re in good hands. No reason to stress about it.

Length of Operation

Most of the Euro 2021 crypto betting sites we review have been in business for quite a long time. Remember that Bitcoin has been around since 2009, so crypto betting sites that have only been around for a month or two are displaying a red flag without a doubt.

Betting Odds Available

Any Euro championship crypto sportsbooks that want to be taken seriously must offer you a wide variety of betting odds and lines. If you can’t bet on more than just the Moneyline or a two-goal spread, you’re likely using the wrong site.

A highly rated Euro cup crypto betting site should allow you to select Futures bets for who will win Euro 2021. You should also be able to wager on who will win the Player of the Tournament or Golden Boot.

Other popular lines and betting odds related to Euro 2021 include:

  • Betting on the correct score of a match
  • Betting on individual player propositions
  • Betting on extra time and penalty kicks
  • Betting on an individual half
  • Betting on whether or not an individual player will score a goal

Any Euro 2021 crypto betting sites that don’t offer at least some, if not all, of the above options, is likely not a top betting site.

Anonymous Betting

Anonymous betting is one of the biggest reasons gamblers choose to wager with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

A lot of the top Euro championship crypto betting sites do allow you to maintain your anonymity, but not all of them.

Some will allow you to remain anonymous regardless of whether you’re winning or losing your bets, and they will never ask for identification.

Others will say that they allow you to maintain anonymity, but in the terms and conditions, they will say that they reserve the right to identify you if you plan to claim bonuses, live in certain countries, win too often, or if there is reason to believe that you are engaging in any kind of suspicious activities related to your wagering.

Again, not to worry. If you want to keep your gambling to yourself, there are plenty of great options for wagering on this summer’s Euro 2021 tournament.

Payout and Withdrawal Speed & Terms

Payouts and withdrawals happen relatively quickly in the cryptocurrency world thanks to blockchain technology.

Still, the speed at which you can receive payouts and withdraw crypto from many Euro 2021 betting sites depends on the policies, procedures, terms & conditions outlined by the crypto gambling site you choose to use.

Your account can be limited because of bonus requirements, the jurisdiction from which you’re playing, the fact that you may not have gone through necessary Know Your Customer procedures or any number of other factors.

No two Euro 2021 betting sites are created equally.

VIP Programs and Bonuses

Both online and brick-and-mortar casinos are famous for attracting you with bright lights and big promotions. 

Since crypto casinos can’t control the lighting and sound in your house to suck you in the way they can in a physical building, they depend even more on VIP programs and bonuses to lure you in as a loyal gambling customer.

Many of the best Euro 2021 betting sites offer VIP programs and bonuses to loyal players who want to win more crypto and chase more excitement.

Don’t be surprised if you end up being the beneficiary of special promotions related specifically to Euro 2021. It’s a very popular event to bet on and crypto gambling sites who want your business know this very well.

Feel free to take advantage of some of the best VIP programs and bonuses available in the industry during the tournament and increase your bankroll.

The best Euro 2021 betting sites are eager to serve you and they reward player loyalty handsomely.

How to Bet with Crypto on the Euro Cup 2021 

To start betting with cryptocurrencies, follow these 4 steps. 

  1. Find some trustworthy crypto sports betting sites that offer Euro 2021 odds using this page as a resource.
  2. Find a reputable and gambling-friendly cryptocurrency exchange (list below). 
  3. Buy some crypto and choose the best Euro 2021 crypto betting site based on your individual needs.
  4. Watch the excitement unfold, and bet with cryptocurrency!


Buying Cryptocurrency

Note that some crypto betting sites offer to buy crypto directly from their platforms. 

That’s the case of Stake, for instance.

If your favorite crypto betting site does not offer this option, here are the best options to buy crypto today. 

The reason why we recommend these exchanges for crypto betting is that they have no policy against the use of their website for gambling purposes, as opposed to most crypto exchanges out there.

Once you have your crypto, you need to become comfortable storing, sending, and receiving it. Gambling with digital currencies can be tricky.

That’s why we created some awesome resources to get started:


Pros and Cons of Crypto Betting vs. Traditional Betting

Pro: Financial privacy

Many (but not all) crypto sports gambling sites will allow you to place your bets without having to go through Know Your Customer procedures.

This means no need to hand over your passport, utility bills, name or address like a traditional casino or gambling site would do. Gamble anonymously.

Pro: Low Fees

Crypto sports betting sites rarely charge any kind of deposit or withdrawal fees. Most of the time the sites only pay fees to the blockchain.

This is why many sites can give you better odds on your Euro 2021 wagers than a traditional betting site might be able to.

Pro: Play from anywhere

There are so many crypto sports betting sites out there for you to try, that if you look hard enough, you can find a site that will take your wagers.

Play from anywhere in the world, regardless of your time zone, national currency or personal sports betting wants and needs. 

No need to go to a local casino or find a local bookie.

Pro: Bigger, better bonuses

Most Euro 2021 betting sites accepting cryptocurrency don’t have to push you to do business with payment providers that charge fees like Visa and MasterCard.

This means that the sites can give you better odds and bigger and better bonuses.

That’s another reason to look right past traditional betting sites.

Con: Lack of regulation

Much like the cryptocurrency industry itself, betting on Euro 2021 with crypto means participating in a Wild, Wild West. There is very little in the way of regulation in the industry.

But don’t worry, that’s exactly why we write these honest reviews at CryptoManiaks. 

We are looking to give you honest feedback on the best sites while also keeping crypto sports betting sites honest with their customers.

Con: No chargebacks


Con: Crypto price volatility

Even though the cryptocurrency market is maturing quickly, volatility is still a big challenge.

The good news is, you can keep your bankroll away from volatility by using stablecoins like USDT or USDC. Remember that stablecoins don’t fluctuate in value.

Not all crypto gambling sites offering Euro 2021 odds will allow you to wager in stablecoins. Feel free to do your own research right here at CryptoManiaks.

What’s Your Best Crypto Sportsbook for Euro 2021? 

That’s it! Those are my deeply researched and vetted best Euro championship crypto betting sites

Remember that the best sites for Euro 2021 betting featured in this post are ranked that way because they have fantastic reputations for treating customers with respect, offer you a wide variety of betting odds, and allow you to bet with the cryptocurrencies that you choose to use.

Considering all the above, which Euro 2021 crypto sportsbooks would you say make the top of your list? Feel free to browse through them in detail and make the right choice for you.

I’ve already done most of the legwork for you, now all you have to do is pick which site you want to use and you can get in on the action when the Euro 2021 tournament starts.

What do you think about my 7 best crypto betting sites for Euro 2021? Have you tried one (or many) of them? 

Let me know in the comments what are your top crypto betting sites!



Is Euro 2021 crypto betting legal?

Yes, depending on the regulations where you live.

Are there any bonuses when betting on Euro 2021 with crypto? 

Yes. Bonuses will vary depending on the website you are using.

Can I bet on Euro 2021 with crypto? 

Yes, you can. Check which cryptocurrencies are accepted by each site to find the ones that will take what you are using.

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