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It’s time for us to reveal the efforts of our team by outlining the anonymous sportsbooks that impressed us the most in 2022. We feel it is necessary to provide this information...
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Sports Rating 7.30
Available in
Available in United States
Get a 100% bonus, up to $2000 on your first deposit!

An in-depth look at Looselines; an online casino and sportsbook. Is Looselines legit? This review will allow you to decide if Looselines is right for you.

General Information

Year founded: 
Bitcoin Cash
Costa Rica


Looselines allows you to create an anonymous account using just an email and a digital wallet. This feature is valuable as it allows you to retain your identity and limits the amount of data that can be compromised. 


Other than finding out that Looselines is a subsidiary of Jazz Sports, I was unable to find any information about the owners. This can be an issue but is often common practice amongst online casinos.

Pros and Cons

Anonymous account capability.
Pros Description (Normal): 
If you want to gamble anonymously, you can do so by creating an anonymous account and depositing cryptocurrencies.
Pros Description (Normal): 
Looselines is available everywhere in the world besides Costa Rica.
Great customer service options.
Pros Description (Normal): 
With 24/7 chat and ticket submission options, you can be sure you’ll have any issue dealt with.
Attractive user interface.
Pros Description (Normal): 
The colors are easy on the eyes.
Prop bets.
Pros Description (Normal): 
Most gambling sites do not offer prop bets, but Looselines does! I will explain it in more depth below.
Cons Title (Bold): 
Unknown ownership.
Cons Description (Normal): 
I was unable to find the background of the owners of Looselines.
Cons Title (Bold): 
Costa Rican license.
Cons Description (Normal): 
A gambling license from Costa Rica is notoriously controversial.
Cons Title (Bold): 
Light on Casino game offerings.
Cons Description (Normal): 
You can be sure that you’ll find a slot, blackjack, or 3D slot game that you will be interested in but some of the other categories only had a handful of options.
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Sports Rating 8.71
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
Various promotions available; see site for details.

BC.Game is an exceptionally designed casino with awesome promotions and 50 cryptocurrencies to deposit! From a chance to win 1 Bitcoin to a VIP system with exotic vacations, there’s always a promotion to play for!

General Information


You can remain anonymous to create an account and deposit crypto, but BC.Game may require KYC when you withdraw your funds.


BC.Game has a stellar reputation, with few complaints received. With a license from Malta Gaming Authority and many ways to contact the company, your crypto will be safe with them.

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States


Sports Rating 9.25
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
100% Welcome Bonus up to 5BTC

Cloudbet is a sports-focused gambling site that also offers casino games. The site offers a wide selection of games and sports to bet on. 

General Information


Cloudbet offers anonymous play. The site is also very secure with SSL and two-factor authentication.


Cloudbet has received some complaints about slow payouts and poor service. Most of the complaints they have received were quickly resolved. 

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States


Sports Rating 8.89
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
100% up to 200 EUR

Thunderpick is a very robust casino and sportsbook offering end-to-end crypto gambling. This review details everything you need to know about Thunderpick. 

General Information


Thunderpick does allow you to generate anonymous accounts. They only require you to sign up with an email and verify your age as being over 18 years old. You also have the option of signing up with your Google, Twitch, or Steam account.


The background of the management company, Paloma Media B.V., is unclear but there were also no credible complaints of the platform. This is often more important in online gambling than knowing the background of the management. 

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States

Jazz Sports

Sports Rating 7.69
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
3 matching bonuses of $100 USD each, on top of your first 3 deposits of $100.

An in-depth look at Jazz Sports; an online casino and sportsbook. Is Jazz Sports legit? This review will allow you to decide if Jazz Sports is right for you.

General Information


Jazz Sports allows you to create an anonymous account using cryptocurrency. This is a valuable feature as many online gambling sites require KYC compliance.


After extensive research, I was unable to find information about the owners of Jazz Sports. This can potentially be an issue as it creates a lack of transparency.

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States


Sports Rating 8.52
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
100% up to 1 BTC / 50ETH / 10,000USDT + 25 Bonus Spins

TrustDice is a top-notch casino and sportsbook offering thousands of games, easy registration, and exciting bonuses.

General Information


TrustDice allows you to be anonymous. You only need an email address to register and you can play anonymously if you’re using crypto.


TrustDice has a very good reputation. To ensure this, they address all complaints as quickly and fairly as possible.

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States

Here’s Why You Should Choose Anonymous Payment Method on Sportsbooks

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in using anonymous online sportsbooks but still want a few questions answered.

Despite plenty of media mentions, the cryptocurrency market remains a mysterious entity to many people.

In our experience, most people who play with anonymous payment method on sportsbook companies have no interest in returning to fiat websites.

Why? Keep reading to find out!


Sportsbooks regularly make the process of depositing cash a real hassle.

Realistically, you can’t use your debit/credit card or deposit via a bank transfer.

Why? Because banks don’t like ‘gamblers’ and make life extremely hard for anyone who uses a sportsbook.

Suppose a sportsbook company deposit appears on your bank statement; you’ve all but guaranteed you’ll never receive approval for a loan.

We know of many punters who were refused a mortgage simply for using such sites.

This scenario will occur even if you rarely play.

Things are very different with anonymous payment method because the bank will never know.

Crypto is decentralized, meaning you can use it to make transactions without requiring an intermediary.

In other words, when you deposit anonymous payment method on sportsbook platforms, your bank will never know.

Your bank statement shows no such transaction, meaning you can enjoy yourself off the bank’s radar.

Financial freedom

Not only does anonymous currency act as a hedge against inflation, but it also keeps control of your money firmly in your hands.

With no bank interference, things suddenly get a whole lot easier.

Crypto is no longer an outsider

In the early years of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin generated the lion’s share of attention.

Nowadays, the public is familiar with a wide variety of digital currencies.

Now that crypto is firmly in the mainstream, people realize its versatility and know it has many uses outside of online playing.

Although most countries don’t consider cryptocurrency legal tender, a significant number allow its use.

One exception is El Salvador, which adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in September 2021.

Other nations are set to follow suit, most likely Panama, Guatemala, and Paraguay, with more sure to follow.

Crypto enhances your financial freedom

Once you purchase anonymous payment method, it is easy to register with sportsbooks, where you can deposit and withdraw with few difficulties.

Sadly, this isn’t always the case with fiat and sportsbooks.

For instance, in Britain, a regulation introduced in April 2020 caused chaos because few people knew about it.

They used credit cards to make their first deposits on sportsbook platforms, only to find their bank accounts were frozen.

Furthermore, it took weeks for banks to remove the restrictions in some cases.

Ultimately, they warned customers not to make any more deposits or else they would issue further punishments.

As long as you use a trustworthy anonymous sportsbook, the above problem won’t happen when you use anonymous payment method.

Avoid geo-restrictions

Several nations forbid gambling of any kind.

If you happen to live in such a location, you can forget about playing on a regular sportsbook.

One reason is that it is challenging to hide the usage of fiat money.

In contrast, it is possible to avoid scrutiny by registering on anonymous online sportsbooks once you invest in a high-quality VPN (Virtual Private Network).

With a VPN, it becomes possible to remain anonymous online due to the protected network connection it creates.

You can further shield your activities by using anonymous currency on sportsbooks.

This is a combination that enables you to play regardless of your country’s laws.

Certain end-to-end anonymous online sportsbooks don’t care if customers live in a nation where playing with money is against the law.


Please note that the information provided above is designed solely to outline a flaw in the system already known to many people.

We are NOT advocating or encouraging any form of illegal activity.

If you get caught, the punishment could be severe.

In the UAE, for example, gamblers can be jailed for up to two years!

Also, let’s face it, any anonymous sportsbook company that encourages illegal playing is probably not the most trustworthy!

After all, what’s stopping the site from keeping your money and closing your account once they find out where you live?

We take no responsibility if you break the law so remember, it is your decision!

You have been warned!

Get paid quickly

If you’ve ever used a traditional sportsbook, you’ll know that payout speed is best described as ‘torturously slow.’

The above is due to sites linking with the banking system and the accompanying red tape.

With anonymous sportsbooks, things aren’t the same because of far fewer regulations.

Don’t think this means a complete lack of regulation; bodies such as the Curaçao Gaming Authority do a fine job keeping things in order.

Nonetheless, red tape is kept to a minimum, meaning lightning-quick transactions.

Anonymous currency itself also allows for quick-fire payouts.

Higher Limits

The limits on deposits and withdrawals associated with fiat-accepting sportsbooks are problematic for some players.

You might find that it’s possible to deposit a lot of money but discover that taking out similar sums is impossible.

This is because plenty of sportsbook platforms implement strict limits on the amount you can withdraw.

They may even ask you for additional information to make things as hard as possible.

Also, practically every traditional sportsbook will either suspend your account or restrict how much you can play if you happen to win too often.

By this point, playing on such sites isn’t worth your while since you can’t risk more than a handful of dollars at most.

Anonymous sportsbooks are in a position to allow significant withdrawals, however, due to less regulation.

Remarkably, some sites don’t bother imposing withdrawal limits.

You may also receive more freedom when it comes to being restricted for winning when you play.


If you search hard enough, you’ll uncover conventional sites that accept anonymous payment method.

However, this is nothing but window dressing as issues such as slow transaction speed and low withdrawal limits plague such sites.

You often deal with old-fashioned design, poor value bonuses, and dreadful customer service.

In contrast, anonymous sportsbook companies are the future and provide most of the features a modern gamer is looking for.

These sites tick all the boxes with bonuses worth your while, a customer support team that cares, and an aesthetically pleasing design.

Selecting the Right Anonymous Sportsbook For Your Needs

You likely have a few important considerations when picking the right anonymous sportsbook platform for your needs.

Since one reader may have a different idea of what’s crucial to a good UX than another, we examine various details in every single one of our anonymous online sportsbook company reviews.

Below are some of the most relevant.

Sports and sporting markets

If you love sports playing, anonymous sportsbooks provide you with everything a fiat-accepting sportsbook does and potentially more.

Whether you like golf, tennis, or eSports, these modern sites have you covered.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to play anonymous currency on an extraordinary number of markets.

Getting the best odds is essential if you’re looking to earn a long-term profit from playing.

We recommend checking out a few of the anonymous sportsbooks on our list and comparing their markets.

Over time, you might find that a specific site offers better prices than the rest or that one provides poor value.

However, you should also analyze the variety of sports and markets available to ensure the site has everything you need.

Is the Sportsbook Company end-to-end crypto or not?

Don’t assume that you’re on an end-to-end crypto sportsbook just because it accepts anonymous currency.

As you’ll see below, making the right decision can move your balance in the right direction.

Standard Sportsbooks

You might be delighted to find a standard sportsbook that accepts anonymous currency, but there’s a sizeable catch.

Once you put anonymous currency into your account, it’s the last time you’ll see it for a while.

Your digital asset becomes fiat immediately and doesn’t return to its crypto form until you withdraw your money.

In other words, your account never actually contains anonymous currency.

What’s worse is that you’re charged fees for both transactions.

Consequently, end-to-end anonymous sportsbook companies are your only option if you’re convinced that the price of anonymous currency will increase.

The benefits of end-to-end Anonymous Online Sportsbooks

When you use end-to-end anonymous sportsbooks, you conduct every type of transaction exclusively in digital currency.

Your account always has a crypto balance, so you benefit if the price rises and lose out if it falls!

In addition, the top-rated anonymous online sportsbooks tend to allow the use of several digital assets.

If you’re considering an end-to-end crypto site, here are a few things you should look for:

  • Anonymous play

  • Quick deposits and withdrawals

  • A relative absence of transaction limits

  • Unfortunately, some anonymous sportsbooks fail to provide the above, so we invite you to go through our reviews to find the ones that do.

Bonus standard

Regular users of sportsbooks know that there is an array of different bonuses on offer.

To simplify matters, we’ve divided this section into three subcategories.

The welcome bonus

A significant proportion of anonymous sportsbook platforms offer bonuses when you sign up.

Using slick marketing, these sites can easily convince you that you’re benefiting.

Especially if the site gives you a bonus worth the same as your first deposit.

Suppose you deposit $200, the anonymous online sportsbook ‘rewards’ you with another $200.

Unfortunately, there is a very big stipulation in this instance.

Many anonymous sportsbook companies won’t let you withdraw anything until you play with 30+ times your first deposit.

Consequently, you must make at least $6,000 worth of plays with a $200 initial deposit before getting any money.

Therefore, barring a lucky win, it is virtually certain that you’re waving goodbye to that money.

Given the restrictive nature of a welcome bonus, it is less relevant than the VIP program and promotions offered by a site.

VIP benefits

Big players at casinos expect preferential treatment in the form of upgraded accommodation, sports tickets, and free meals.

Although anonymous sportsbook platforms can’t match the above, they can create a VIP package that attracts and retains big spenders.

Top-rated sites tend to push the boat out in the knowledge that if they don’t, someone else will.

The points system, where players get redeemable points (usually 1 point per $1 spent), is among the best-known VIP bonuses.

Let’s say you earn 2,000 points; this could equate to $20 that you can spend how you like on the site.

Such a program automatically rewards individuals who spend a lot of money on a sportsbook platform.

Other VIP program perks could include special gifts and access to unique games.

Sadly, plenty of anonymous online sportsbooks fail dismally regarding their VIP offerings.

Ultimately, if VIP rewards are important to you, it is best to check out our anonymous online sportsbook reviews to discover the top-ranked sites in this regard.

How good are a site’s promotions?

Rather than emphasize the volume of promotions, it is more helpful to focus on the standard.

Sites that provide a constant stream of promotions are often guilty of diluting the quality.

In truth, it is rare for standard sportsbooks to care a great deal about promotions.

Instead, they offer bonuses with many stipulations that are almost impossible to benefit from genuinely.

These days, anonymous sportsbooks blow their old-fashioned counterparts out of the water when it comes to promotions.

The result of better rewards is a vastly improved user experience.

Trustworthiness of the Anonymous Sportsbook

The permanent nature of anonymous currency transactions is a great feature, but it can also cause major problems.

Without putting pressure on you, a slight mistake during a transaction is enough to lose everything you send.

This is also the case if you register with a dubious anonymous sportsbook that steals your cash.

Remember, anonymous payment method is decentralized, so there is no higher authority to which you can complain

With this in mind, discovering everything you can about the reputation of anonymous online sportsbooks is crucial.

If you want to use a certain site, perform detailed online research, including reading the review written by our team.

As well as delving into every anonymous sportsbook company as players, we find out everything we can from actual site users.

By the time we’re finished, we will tell you everything you need to know about the reputation of each site we cover.

Is it legal to Play in your country?

Many nations still view gambling as an illegal activity.

Regrettably, people in such countries register with anonymous online sportsbooks, believing they can get away with playing.

Worthwhile anonymous sportsbook platforms do their best to accommodate those who play in places where it’s legal to do so.

If you attempt to register with such sites from a country with a gambling ban, you’ll quickly learn that it is almost impossible.

Sadly, shady anonymous sportsbook platforms don’t do you this courtesy and are happy to take money from anyone.

Such sites get away with it by pretending they weren’t aware that the registering party lives in a place where gambling is illegal.

Upon your initial deposit, such companies seek account verification and keep your cash after shutting your account down.

Some eager gamblers hide their location with a VPN to bypass geographical restrictions.

Well-respected anonymous sportsbooks will quickly suspend you if they uncover your deception, but you should get your account balance back.

Your biggest concern is ensuring that the authorities don’t know about your illegal actions!


No matter how many games, bonuses, or features anonymous sportsbook companies offer, they’re not worth your time without payment variety and reliability.

When reviewing these sites, we look into withdrawal speed and limits, along with the number of cryptocurrencies you can use.

What are the withdrawal limits?

Traditional sportsbook platforms continue to annoy users by preventing them from withdrawing reasonable sums of money at once.

In general, you’re lucky to get a maximum of $10,000 in a week, but some have even lower limits.

The above might seem okay until you hit a five-figure payout, only to discover that you can’t spend your money for weeks.

Luckily, most reputable anonymous online sportsbook companies have no issue allowing you to take out potentially huge sums.

Indeed, we know of a few sites that don’t bother implementing a maximum limit!

With this in mind, you know that a gigantic win can be transferred in moments.

How quick are withdrawals?

If you want rapid transactions, anonymous payment method should be your currency of choice.

Certain cryptos can handle tens of thousands of transactions per second, while others can only deal with a handful in that timeframe.

Users of anonymous sportsbook companies expect fast access to their money, and the best sites comply with virtually immediate withdrawals.

The CryptoManiaks team tells you which sites excel regarding withdrawal time and which falter.

Cryptocurrency choice

Already, thousands of cryptocurrencies exist, with more created almost daily.

Unfortunately, only a small fraction of the market has genuine growth potential.

This is why few anonymous sportsbooks let you use any coin lacking a decent market cap.

Even so, you should be able to use Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other well-known cryptocurrencies.

Customer support

One of the essential facets of any site is its level of customer support.

Without one, you’re completely lost if anything untoward happens on the anonymous online sportsbook platform.

No matter the issue, if there’s an experienced and helpful agent around, you’ll feel less frustrated.

All of our reviews feature relevant information on a site’s attitude towards customer service.

CryptoManiaks reviewers get in touch with the site’s customer service team, noting how quickly an agent responds and whether they were helpful.

Variety of Playing Options Offered by the Anonymous Sportsbook

These days, anonymous online sportsbook platform competition is fierce, so they have no option but to excel in terms of the sports and markets on display.

Fortunately for you, the CryptoManiaks team has analyzed the sports markets available on countless sites to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Anonymous Sportsbook Sports & Betting Markets

Those who enjoy sports betting will love the remarkable choice provided by anonymous sportsbook companies.

Apart from checking out the sports and betting lines, our anonymous sportsbook platform reviews ensure that the site’s odds are worthwhile.

After all, if you fail to get the best value prices, you significantly reduce your chances of profiting in the long term.

Now, let’s look into five sports that captivate crypto site users and their best-known markets.


There is no question that electronic sports have captured the public’s imagination.

With a massive audience, eSports are lucrative to the point that elite players can earn a small fortune.

There are dozens of organized leagues featuring the world’s best video game players in eSports.

Popular games include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and League of Legends (LOL).

You can treat eSports as you would their traditional counterpart in betting terms with the following markets available:

  • Game winner

  • Outright winner

  • Handicap

  • First blood

  • Team maps

playing on esports without conducting detailed research will likely prove a costly mistake.

This is why we have included a quick overview of five great games available on anonymous sportsbooks.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Released by Ubisoft in 2015, few games have captured the attention of the esports community more than Rainbow Six: Siege.

It is a First-Person Shooter (FPS) where teams of five defend or attack.

Players can choose from one of 50+ operators.

Experienced gamers understand the strategy involved in selecting an operator, which is similar to DOTA 2 and League of Legends.

Unlike FPS games such as Call of Duty, one can destroy the terrain in Rainbow Six: Siege.

When used correctly, this unique game aspect enables you to create innovative ways to defeat opponents.

Call of Duty

Also known as CoD, Call of Duty ranks highly in the world of First-Person Shooter (FPS) games.

When played competitively, Call of Duty involves two teams competing against one another across several game modes, such as:

  • Hardpoint: Those familiar with CoD know the importance of the ‘hardpoint,’ and teams earn points for each second they’re in charge of this region

  • Domination: Flags denote the three static objectives that the teams try to command, and they get points based on how long they dominate the flags

  • Search and Destroy: Team A tries to plant and explode bombs at one of the two bomb sites on the map, while team B tries to stop them from succeeding

There is a specific Call of Duty League comprised of the best players in the world.


DOTA 2 allows players to select from over 100 characters and is regarded as one of the world’s best multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games.

Like many esports games, DOTA 2 consists of two teams of five players apiece.

The aim of the game is to invade the opposing team’s territory to destroy their “Ancient,” a huge structure which is located within their base.

Few esports games are as widely played and watched as DOTA 2.

Each year, 30 teams qualify for The International, the world’s biggest DOTA 2 tournament.

League of Legends

Riot Games is responsible for creating the League of Legends (LOL) MOBA, which it released in 2009.

In an esports environment, LOL involves two teams of five who try to demolish each other’s “Nexus” (base).

There are over 130 playable characters, each of which has unique attributes.

Players must complete challenges to enhance their character’s power if they want their team to win.

The LOL World Championship is an annual event, and the winning team gets to bring home the Summoner’s Cup, which weighs approximately 70 pounds.


FIFA Football was an important part of the inaugural World Cyber Games in 2001.

The popularity of soccer means that regional tournaments feature a huge number of players from various nations.

Those who come through these preliminary events make it to the FIFA Global Series Regional Playoffs.

Players can only control one character at a time, so AI is in charge of the rest; this is considered a problem in some quarters.

Nonetheless, with such a huge target audience, it seems likely that FIFA’s popularity will continue to grow in the esports sphere.

Essential information when Playing on virtual sports

In virtual sports, the outcome of each event is decided by a random number generator (RNG).

In virtual sports, you can rest assured that when you play, what unfolds before you is the same as what everyone else sees.

The anonymous sportsbook is unable to fix the result because the algorithm used is entirely random.

Virtual sports markets should seem familiar as they are based on what you’ll find in real sports.

However, as the ‘competitors’ never get tired, it is possible for anonymous sportsbooks to host these events every few minutes.

As a result, you have hundreds of playing opportunities daily.

What virtual sports can I Play on?

Take your pick! anonymous sportsbook platforms are well aware of the interest in this form of gambling and offer an ever-growing list of events.

These include soccer, basketball, and horse racing.

Make your play before the event starts, and watch the random outcome unfold.

With no previous form to fall back on, it is purely guesswork, which is part of its appeal for some people!

There are typically horse races every minute, with soccer games kicking off every three minutes.

Virtual sports can prove very entertaining if you only play what you can afford to lose.

What are the most popular markets in virtual sports?

Those who play on real sports will recognize all of the markets available in virtual sports.

You might be surprised by the range of options, even if the markets are often simplistic.

Cricket might let you select the number of sixes in a match or run total, while you can play on the following markets in soccer:

  • Fulltime result (Home, Draw, Away)

  • Correct Score

  • Double Chance

  • First Goalscorer

  • Handicap Markets

Overall, those who use anonymous sportsbooks to play on these events sometimes find the differences between them and real sports appealing.

Keep reading to learn more about virtual sports’ advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits of virtual sports

  • With several hundred daily events and associated markets, you’re spoiled for choice

  • There is no chance that reputable anonymous sportsbooks will fix the result

  • You can play freely, safe in the knowledge that factors such as weather, form, and injuries have no bearing on the event

  • In certain sports, there are events every 60 seconds

  • No individual has an advantage because there’s no skill required to win

Problems with virtual sports

  • As the outcome is random, there’s no way to gain an advantage

  • Over time, you’ll lose money because the anonymous sportsbook has a house edge

  • With so many events each day, it is possible to lose massive amounts of money quickly

  • At present, anonymous online sportsbooks still offer far more markets for real sports

  • While virtual sports can be entertaining, they pale in comparison to the excitement generated by real sporting events

Anonymous Sportsbooks: Keep Your Hobby Private

One of the main tenets of anonymous payment method is the capacity to operate anonymously.

Now that anonymous payment method is in the mainstream, even legitimate companies relish the privacy this new form of money affords.

Chief among these organizations are anonymous online sportsbook companies that give you the opportunity to play without anyone else’s knowledge.

Why is Anonymous Payment Method capable of retaining my privacy?

Whenever you use digital currency, a decentralized public ledger system, or blockchain, records it.

Blockchains enable you to make nameless transactions without interacting with financial institutions or creating a bank account.

If you open a new bank account, the bank will request information that it records on its Know Your Customer (KYC) file.

Banks are legally obligated to complete the KYC process, which involves verifying your identity.

KYC requires you to give documents to the bank while also complying with its face and ID card verification protocols.

Typically, anonymous sportsbooks go in the other direction by requesting as little personal information as possible.

Every digital currency transaction involves using a crypto address to identify who sends and receives the currency on the blockchain network.

A crypto address consists of a group of alphanumeric characters and doesn’t identify any of the involved parties by name.

You can open hundreds of addresses and use them to transfer money between different accounts.

By doing this, there’s only a slight chance that anyone will find out how you spend your anonymous payment method.

The pros of using Anonymous Sportsbooks

As these sites allow for anonymous play, the advantages should be obvious, and we highlight them below.

New Playing opportunities

Fiat-accepting sportsbooks are notorious for banning or restricting successful bettors.

Indeed, you don’t even need to win much money; showing competence is often enough to have your account prohibited.

It doesn’t take long for winners to run out of sportsbook platforms to register with.

Thanks to anonymous online sportsbooks, you can start afresh with no initial restrictions.

Although they also restrict and ban people who win money, they’re usually more easy-going than their conventional fiat counterparts.

The huge number of reputable anonymous sportsbooks enables you to pick and choose the best ones for your needs.

Financial independence

Anytime you use a debit/credit card or bank transfer to deposit on a sportsbook, the bank becomes aware that you’re gambling.

This knowledge is all the bank needs to reject any loan application you make.

With anonymous sportsbooks, there is no way for the bank to know how you’re using your money.

Therefore, your hobby alone has no negative effects on a loan application, although you must still play responsibly!

The amount of personal information required is strictly limited

Standard sportsbook platforms are legally obligated to follow KYC procedures like banks.

This means asking for your name, date of birth, address, payment information, etc.

anonymous online sportsbooks are different; they demand very little personal data, making the registration process easy.

Typically, the only information you must provide includes an email address, username, age, and nationality.

There are ‘no registration’ sites too, which means you can play anonymously right away.

While such providers might be tempting, most of them are breaking the law, so it’s best to steer clear.

As many sites don’t have strict verification procedures, there’s little need to risk using ‘no registration’ sites anyway.

Disadvantages of using Anonymous Sportsbooks

As is the case with everything, there are a few cons involved in the use of anonymous online sportsbooks.

It’s a scammer’s paradise

Unfortunately, scammers know that the cryptoasset industry is unregulated, making it easy for them to rip people off.

Fake sportsbooks spring up overnight, eager to pounce on unsuspecting anonymous sportsbook users.

So-called ‘no registration’ sites are most likely to steal your hard-earned cash.

Remember, the crypto market has no centralized authority, so if your money is taken, it is almost certainly gone forever.

In the anonymous payment method world, the ‘rug pull’ scam is infamous.

It involves launching a new project, getting funds from investors, and disappearing into the night!

Put yourself, the player, in the investor’s shoes, and consider the anonymous sportsbook as an amazing project.

Through this thought experiment, you should quickly understand how sportsbooks can pull off the rug pull scam.

Not many sites have established a positive reputation

anonymous online sportsbooks are a fairly new phenomenon, meaning there aren’t many with established track records.

This means you’re taking a chance whenever you deposit anonymous currency.

Thankfully, the CryptoManiaks team has reviewed plenty of anonymous sportsbooks and created comprehensive reviews.

Our reviewers use real money when playing on these sites and relay all relevant information to the reader.

Other bettors can ruin things

Experienced gamblers banned from other sites for arbitrage betting sometimes use anonymous online sportsbook companies that offer sports markets to keep their profits flowing.

It is a tactic akin to card counting in blackjack, where you look for mistakes in the odds offered by sportsbook platforms to lock in a profit.

anonymous sportsbook companies sometimes overreact to unusual betting patterns and ban the unsuspecting account holder.

Unfortunately, this means you could have your account restricted by mistake.

Nonetheless, as long as you use common sense, betting with anonymous payment method on anonymous sportsbooks is more beneficial than not.

Is crypto completely anonymous?

Not completely. Cryptocurrencies offer substantial anonymity, but it is still possible to trace their use if you try hard enough.

In general, sensible use of crypto addresses keeps your identity hidden from the world.

It is difficult to make connections between multiple addresses, regardless of whether the same person owns them.

Nevertheless, you should take a new address every time you use crypto, or else it becomes easier to track your spending.

There’s an element of transparency in crypto usage

Some cryptocurrency users are stunned at the level of transparency involved.

Did you know that anyone with an Internet connection can find your balance if one of your crypto addresses is made available online?

The blockchain stores all transactions with a crypto address, so by connecting your identity to the address, it becomes possible for anyone to link you with the transactions.

There are plenty of ways to find a link between a crypto address and someone’s identity.

Some cryptocurrency exchanges’ anti-money laundering (AML) and KYC policies are prime examples.

As a result, it is fair to say that crypto offers pseudonymity rather than anonymity.

Yet, digital currency use on anonymous online sportsbooks is still far superior to fiat when looking for privacy.

Reviewing the Best Anonymous Sportsbooks: Conclusion

If you love betting, you should be thrilled that it’s possible to do so using digital currency.

It often gives you a chance to play anonymously, meaning no oversight from the banking system.

While plenty of anonymous sportsbooks are available, the gap between the best and worst is significant.

Unfortunately, it is a fledgling industry with minimal oversight, so there are plenty of scammers.

Therefore, we aren’t satisfied until we uncover everything there is to know about each anonymous sportsbook we visit.

Our reviews include vital information on a site’s bonuses, trustworthiness, customer service, and more.

Yes, we think that digital currency works brilliantly on sportsbooks, but it is also likely to take over the world of finance in due course.

In conclusion, we suggest that you read our anonymous sportsbook reviews to find the best site for your specific needs.

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